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A skeleton will drop:*Bones 0-3

*Arrows 0-3



*enchanted bow

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Q: What do skeletons give you when you kill them in minecraft?
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How do you get bones in Minecraft?

You kill skeletons

How can you get bones in Minecraft 1.4?

Skeletons drop bones and arrows when they die, so you just need to kill skeletons.

Can you get ammo on Minecraft?

Kill Skeletons to get arrows. Other than that, you need to craft it.

Is there skeletons in minecraft pocket edition?

Yes, there are zombies skeletons and spiders For what i know right know

How do you get a dog in Minecraft?

feed a bone to a wolf you might need to give it more than one and you get bones from skeletons unless you are in creative mode

Are there skeletons on the minecraft app?

Yes.They are usually somewhere in the shade.

How do you get a breeding bone in minecraft?

i think its in a mod Wolves Extended im not sure if its in the game so far

When was Give Us Our Skeletons created?

Give Us Our Skeletons was created in 2000.

What is the duration of Give Us Our Skeletons?

The duration of Give Us Our Skeletons is 2940.0 seconds.

What smite 1 is in Minecraft?

the smite enchantment in minecraft makes it so your sword does extra damage do zombies, skeletons and pigmen.

How do you make a breeding bone in Minecraft?

It's just the regular bone, as dropped by Skeletons.

How do you get wolves on Minecraft?

You find it and get bones from skeletons. You left-click them and takes about 2 or 3.