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When a skunk is scared they raise their tail and release a stinky smell. Stay away from them unless you really like tomato soup to bathe in!

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No they actully get scared uf yu

only if you make them scared they are dangerous known for there spray.

they only stink if the feel threatened or scared

Skunks have a special gland that produces the liquid spray. A skunk lifts its tail and releases the spray when it is scared. It creates a terrible stench that wards off predators and makes skunks very unpopular.

skunks can spray once every 20 minutes if scared

Well not realy unless if there are in danger or scared they spray and make noise when it it is danger.

They Hate People (Humans)bothering them all the time like they're scared of them.

Skunks get scared when someone is near them, so they use odor. If you get sprayed you should take a tomato bath.

There are five different types of skunks which live in Texas:striped skunkshooded skunkshog nosed skunksWestern spotted skunksEastern spotted skunksTexas is the only state where all five types of skunks can be found, they can be differentiated by their markings.

skunks because elaphants can hurt you more then skunks.

No, skunks do not have wings.

At night. Skunks are nocturnal.

Skunks have no predators

no - Ireland has no skunks - thankfully!

Porcupines do but skunks do not have quills.

well first of all i don't think skunks live together but they do i guess and the answer to what is a gruop of skunks called is a group of skunks is called a surfeit

no, i dont think skunks slide I dont think skunks slide, but if they fall on ice they will.

no skunks do not make nests, skunks go into little holes in the tree

Skunks reproduce and have offspring but there are adult skunks as well

yes, all skunks have whiskers

No, skunks are warm blooded.

yes the striped and spotted skunks

errr... skunks are cute? -_-

you accually keep skunks away with perfume you know skunks love yucky smells.

skunks are often black with white stripes. there are also skunks that are black with white stripes

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