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Do snakes eat cherries?


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snakes eat small rodents and mice, and they dislocate their jaw and expand their mouth wide enough to eat the rodent whole. They dont need teeth because they don't chew their food.

there is some snakes that don't have teeth such as green snakes and egg eating snakes

No. These snakes are harmless and will never grow teeth.

No. snakes have no molars at all. Molars are milling or crushing teeth. Snakes eat by swallowing their prey that they pull into their throats with sharp-pointed, hooked teeth. Some of the teeth in venomous snakes like cobras, coral snakes, adders and rattlesnakes are hollow for injecting venom, and we cal such teeth fangs; fangs also are sharp pointed.

Snakes do have teeth, but they are very small. The teeth of a snake are not made for chewing but for keeping a grip on prey. The fangs of venomous snakes are also modified teeth.

Yes they have teeth but not fangs like a rattle snakes they have small sharp teeth, they are not poisonous.

no difrent snakes have a diffrent amount of teeth

All snakes have teeth.

snakes eat turtles,but smaller snakes eat smaller turtles.yes,snakes do eat turtles.

Brown snakes feed largely on earthworms, snails, and slugs, but will also eat small salamanders, soft-bodied grubs, and beetles. They have specialized teeth and jaws that allow them to pull snails out of their shells and eat them.

king snakes eat other snakes

All snakes have teeth ! It just venomous snakes have more noticeable ones as they've developed into fangs for injecting venom.

Most snakes have a double row of teeth on the upper jaw. Venomous snakes have hollow or grooved teeth to inject venom.

Yes, the teeth are called fangs.

Owls will eat soft shelled turtles and snakes eat turtles,but smaller snakes eat smaller turtles.yes,snakes do eat turtles.

Yes they do eat snakes.

No, snakes eat squirrels.

snakes eat mice or rats

yes they do eat snakes

Snakes swallow their prey whole, since they have no limbs with which to dismember it and teeth adapted to gripping (or injecting venom, in the case of a venomous snake's fangs), not chewing.

Snakes do not chew their prey, they swallow them whole. Snakes have curved teeth along the whole length of the mouth to hold prey and keep it from escaping. Some snakes have hollow or grooved teeth for injecting venom.

snakes use toothpaste Authour READ

All snakes bite because they have teeth.

snakes. Also snakes don't only eat mice.

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