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Bob Dylan has a number of hit songs. A few of these songs include his hits "Rainy Day Women#12 and 35" and "Like a Rolling Stone". More than 20 of his songs made the top 40 list throughout his career.

Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman.

No, Rebecca Black is not Bob Dylan's daughter.

Robert Allen Zimmerman

His current drummer is George Receli.

His debut album was self-titled (Bob Dylan) and it came out in 1962.

bob dylans masters of war is folk rock i think :)

Abram Zimmerman and Betrice "Betty" Stone Zimmerman. [:

He has three sons. Their names are Jesse, Sam and Jakob.

One can visit the official Bob Dylan website to find lyrics to all Bob Dylan's songs. Other lyric sites, such as elyrics and azlyrics will also have lyrics to Bob Dylan songs.

It has a similar feel to bob dylans ballad of hollis brown

As of August 2009, Bob Dylan has released a total of 458 songs. However, there are other songs that have not been officially released that he wrote, and some of the ones that he did release were not written by him.

anything by sublime or bob Marley

he liked to masturbate daily and drink beer till he was half dead and the doctor's had to revive him with a fruit salad

Tangled up in blue by Bob Dylan

Bob Marley has written around 230 songs!

Bob Marley has about 230 songs look up how many songs does bob Marley have then maybe youll see the list of the names of the song

bob Marley sung reggae songs and was very famous for it.

Anything sung by Bob Geldof; I'm not joking, he is the greatest.

That is a very big question, there is a link below to provide some answers.

all of his songs are protestign soemthing.

Bob Segar is famous for a number of his songs including Night Moves, Mainstreet and Rock And Roll Never Forgets, also Still the Same, and Old Time Rock and Roll.

Elvis Presley recorded significantly more songs than Bob Marley.

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