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They have a cat They have a cat They have a cat

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What does it mean when your cat will not allow you to touch his back paws?

He/she probably does not want you touching his paws and they maybe hurt...

Whats does it mean when a cat has puss and sores on their back paws?

Puss is a reaction to an infection. If your cat has sores on its back paws that are leaking puss, your cat needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

What is it called when a cat has back paws that look like front paws and grip with them?

What...? Even I don't understand that. It is a dwarf kitten, its back paws have a joint and knuckles like the front paws have. It can grip my finger with his back paws, less confusing?

How many paws does a bear have?

Four. Two front paws and two back paws.

How many toes do cats have on their back paws?

Cats have 4 toes on each of their back paws.

What is a way to finish the sentence her paws turned to?

hands. then. back. to. paws.

How many paws on a dog?

A dog has four paws. 5 toes on the front paws (including the dew claw) and 4 toes on the back paws. Some dogs have dew claws on the back feet also.

How many claws on a cats hind paws?

cats have four claws on their back paws and five claws on their front paws.

How can you tell if your cat is in heat?

When your cat is in heat she keeps bouncing her back paws like she's walking only with her back paws.

When a werewolf has jumbo paws wot does that mean?

it means it has really big paws.

What does it mean when a dog has big paws?

a puppies' paws usually represents how big your puupy will be. big paws, big dog.

How many nails does a guinea pig have?

18. 10 on the back paws, and 8 on the front paws.

Dog could not stand on her back legs?

yes a fog can but not lick a human. they can only stand on there back legs for a small period of time. but the dog has to be trained to do stand or the can jump up and put there front paws on some thing and stand. as long as what they put there paws on is not able to move esaly.

Who has four front paws and three back paws?

uhh...some kind of animal that is freakishly deformed?

What animal has paws that resemble human hands?

Lemur of Madagascar

What does it mean if there is inflammation and swelling near the front and back paws of a pit bull?

Swelling could indicate an injury. See your vet.

How many toes do wolves have on their back paws?


Why does your cat stand on your feet with back paws?

to annoy you

How many claws does a cat have on its back paws?


Why do guinea pigs have four toes on the front and three toes on the back?

Yes, guinea pigs have 4 toes on their front paws and 3 toes on their back paws.

Do the cheetah's paws help them run fast?

Of course they do, paws are their version of human feet, without them we wouldn't be able to walk like we normally do.

What does PAWS mean?

a animals foot that has nails

What does les pattes mean in English?

"The paws"

What do a raccoon's paws look like?

Raccoon paws look similar to a human hand but there is no opposable thumb. I have placed an image on this page of a raccoon's paw.

How many claws are on a rabbits foot?

That depends on whether we are talking about the front paws or the back paws. Each front limb has five toes, with a claw on each, so five claws. Each of the back paws has four toes, and so four claws.