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Loud and affluent, optimistic and powerful but lacking in cultural and historical perspective. Generally they like them, but you get the odd few who really dislike them because they have an annoying accent and are far to ignorant and patriotic.

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What did the british think of the Americans after the revolutionary war?

After the Revolutionary War, the British had negative opinions of the Americans. The British thought of them as rebels and that the Americans would collapse themselves.

Why American think they are Americans?

Because the British started calling us Americans.

Who fought in the Battle of Fallen Timbers Did the Indians Americans and British fight in this war?

i think the Indians and british did not the English/Americans is that true i just found out the Indians and Americans did ok bye

Why can't Americans say 'Harry'?

If you have a british accent, we Americans think you say "harry" funny also.

Why did Patriots think of Native Americans as traitors?

the patriots thought of the native Americans as traitors because they sided with the British.

What do the Americans think of the British?

According to the American stereotype, the British are seen as posessed of affable charm and dry wit.

How do you think the British felt about the Americans reaction?

cause when i read the passage i think that it would think that there life would be directive.

Why do the british hate Americans?

The British do not hate Americans.

Why do British people think Americans have accents?

Americans do have accents, British people do have accents. When one has a different way of speaking than another then it is noticed. When a British person hears an American person speaking, the American does have an accent to the Brit.AnswerEveryone has an accent! That's how British people know that you are Americans, and how you know that theyare British! Strange question!!

Why do you think the british were more successful than the americans at winning over native americans in the west?

Because Clark's have many campaign's undermined British support in the west. Clark lost Fort sackville, surrendered to the british.

How was the British treating the Americans?

The British were treating the Americans cruelly

Who were the mercenaries in the American Revolution?

Americans: French, Spain, and Netherlands British: German .... I think

Where did the British surrendered to the Americans?

the british and the americans stoped fighting cause

Did more native Americans fight for british or Americans?

they fighted for british

Why did the Americans think the british could not fight a long war?

Because they may run out of tea

Why do Americans think british people are posh?

Because of the way that they are portrayed in films and television programs.

What did the Americans think of British?

More reserved, nicely spoken, allies. Quaint but interesting traditions.

What city did the British take from the Americans?

The British took New York from the Americans.

When did the Americans defeat the British in Yorktown?

The Americans defeat the British in Yorktown in 1715.

Do Americans think they're better than the British?

The majority of Americans do not hate the British and do not think they are better than them, but there will always be the prideful few who do think America is better, just like in Britain where a few think they are better than the Americans. Americans actually find some of the British's culture and mannerisms fascinating and interesting. Most Americans have a more mature view of the world than this, though like all countries there are nationalist elements who see all other countries as inferior to their own.

How many people died in the Reveloutionary war?

I think about 25,700 Americans killed, and 10,000 British killed.

Did the Allies assassinate anybody during World War 2?

Well. . . . . . I think the British helped the Americans.

Why did some Native Americans support the British?


Why did the British think American colonists should be taxed?

Americans were British and therefore were under English rule. The king owned the colonies and he could make laws at will.

Why did the Americans agree to allow British merchants to collect debts owed to them?

I think it's because they won the Revolutionary War and they were doing something nice for the British.