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There is no restriction on the kind of food eaten by a Christian. In The Roman Catholic Church there is a tradition that meat is not eaten on a Friday (out of respect for the crucifixion which happened on a Friday), preferring to eat fish instead, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Some Christian groups (like the Salvation Army) do not allow alcohol - but not for religious reasons but because of social reasons as they often have to work among those whose lives have been ruined by drnk. In Acts, Peter had a vision of a blanket coming down from heaven laden with all sorts of food, many kinds of which were forbidden by the Jews (pork, shellfish etc) but in the vision God affirmed that all food was good to eat. Similarly Jesus himself said that it was not what went INTO a person's mouth that made that person unclean, but what came out - in speech. So Christians enjoy all forms of food and drink.

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In Christianity what does have faith mean?

Faith is synonymous to religion. Christianity is an Abrahamic religion. It is also a monotheistic religion.

Why was faith important to Judeo-Christianity?

Faith is belief, and without faith there can be no followers, from which it follows that the religion would soon disappear from history. Faith is important to all religions.

What is the main faith in Australia?

The main faith in Australia is Christianity.

What is faith based Christianity?

All Christianity is faith based. The Bible says "without faith it is impossible to please God". A christian's faith is in God, that God has provided the way of salvation.

Who is the founder of faith?

God founded faith in Judaism and Christianity, with Judaism having the promises and Christianity having the fulfillment of the promises.

What is the symbol of faith of Christianity?

a fish.

Statement of faith in christianity?


Of the three faiths Judiasm Christianity and Islam which faith has the most followers?


Can you have faith for someone who has no faith?

Yes, you can. I have faith for a friend that she will convert to Christianity. Thank you ang god bless!

How old is faith in Christianity?

Many scholars will date the start of Christianity to Pentecost Sunday, June 17, 31 AD. If that is the date, then faith in Christianity is approximately 1,983 years old and aging.

Which faith did the English bring to the Caribbean?


What faith did John Wooden practice?


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What was the reaction to Christianity?

the reaction of Christianity comes by the fear of God and by faith and by prayer also by the power of God!! God Bless and keep up the faith :)

How do Christianity practice their faith?

they don't pratice showing faith they belivie in god and do what is right

What are some Abrahamic's faith?

Lutheranism, Shia Islam, Orthodox Christianity.

What is the symbol for faith?

The symbol of faith can change from religion to religion as well as person to person. In Christianity, a symbol of faith is the crucifix.

The only continent where Christianity is not a prevalent faith?


What is Paul Ryan's faith?

Christianity, specifically Catholicism.

Why do people get involved in faith groups?

People get involved in faith groups, such as Christianity, because when they are learning about God, they like to surround them selves with other believers because the other believers teach them about the faith and they learn more. If you are curious, about faith, you should try Christianity.

How do people show that they follow Christianity?

Many people show their religion by going to church regularly. But mainly Christianity is faith, and you shouldn't feel obliged to show your faith.

What is the impact of Christianity on philosophy?

One criticism is that because Christianity is based on faith, it has discouraged critical thinking.

What is faith in almighty god?

Monotheism; Christianity is the prominent example of a faith that believes is an almighty Creator God.

What do you think was the religious faith of the Frankish people before Clovis converted them to Christianity?

The religious faith was Mythology

What religions are monotheist?

Judaism | Christianity | Islam | Baha'i Faith