What do the Christianity faith eat?

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August 17, 2008 4:53PM

There is no restriction on the kind of food eaten by a Christian. In The Roman Catholic Church there is a tradition that meat is not eaten on a Friday (out of respect for the crucifixion which happened on a Friday), preferring to eat fish instead, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Some Christian groups (like the Salvation Army) do not allow alcohol - but not for religious reasons but because of social reasons as they often have to work among those whose lives have been ruined by drnk. In Acts, Peter had a vision of a blanket coming down from heaven laden with all sorts of food, many kinds of which were forbidden by the Jews (pork, shellfish etc) but in the vision God affirmed that all food was good to eat. Similarly Jesus himself said that it was not what went INTO a person's mouth that made that person unclean, but what came out - in speech. So Christians enjoy all forms of food and drink.