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Usually we celebrate Easter with chocolate and a family meal... However, the "Easter Bunny" is not as widely "celebrated" in French communities. The English are more likely to make a big deal out of it and classify "him" in the same category as Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy... The French barely refer to him.

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What is happy Easter in french?

Happy Easter is 'Joyeuses Pâques' in French.

How do you say Easter in Canadian?

The languages of Canada are English and French. Easter in French is Pâques.

What is paques in English?

paques meens Easter in french paques meens Easter in french

Do french schools have Easter holidays?

Yes French schools give holiday on Easter.

What do French children have at Easter?

Usually French children have chocolate at Easter... Less importance in put on the Easter Bunny with the French, but the children still eat chocolate, lots and lots of it!

What do you call Easter bells in French?

The Easter bells are 'les cloches de Pâques' in French.

What is Easter in spanish?

The word for Easter in Spanish is Pascua. The word for Easter in Italian is Pasqua. The word for Easter in French is Paques.

How do you spell happy Easter in french?

In French it is Joyeuses Pâques.

What is paques?

The French version of Easter

Why don't french celebrate Easter?

french do celebrate Easter they do and they also celebrate with chocolate fish and its near the 21-25th of April

How do you say 'Have a happy easter' in french?

Have a happy Easter = Joyeuses Pâques

What do the french buy on Easter?

On Easter the French buy chocolates for the children (mostly egg-shaped, but also bells, hens or bunnies). In religious families, Easter meal is often based on lamb.

How do you spell Easter day in French?

Easter is Pâques in French. You may say 'le jour de Pâques', but even more frequently, either 'le dimanche de Pâques' (Easter Sunday) or 'le lundi de Pâques' (Easter Monday).

How do you say Easter Day in French?

Easter is Pâques in French. You may say 'le jour de Pâques', but even more frequently, either 'le dimanche de Pâques' (Easter Sunday) or 'le lundi de Pâques' (Easter Monday).

What is the Easter bunny afraid of?

the Easter bunny is afraid of dawn French, Docter who and the...dare I say it? THE BIG BAD EASTER BUNNY WITH A UZI

Do French have Easter?

Yes, all Christians will observe Easter, it is the most important time in the Christian calender.

What chocolate do the french have on Easter?

cheese and crumpets with turbans

What do the french believe about the church bells at Easter?

That they all go to Rome annd come back on Easter Sunday.

How do you say Easter in Canada?

English speaking Canadians say "Easter" French speaking Canadians say "Pâques"

Do the French celebrate Easter Monday?

I know the french do celebrate this, Heres a paragraph I dug up on it enjoy If you will be in Paris this Easter, there are a few things to remember. First of all, as it is a holiday many shops and restaurants will be closed for the day. Some will remain closed the following day as well (Easter Monday). Be sure to call before arriving at a restaurant, as you don't want to be standing outside a locked door. The windows of the Parisian patisseries and chocolatiers are like works of art at Easter. The beautiful cellophane wrapped eggs, the white, milk and dark chocolate chicks. The Easter bells. Easter bells? Yes, Easter bells. You see, in France, there is no Easter bunny. Instead, they have the "Cloches de Pâques" or Easter bells. These are the bells that fly across France, dropping chocolates and treats in the grass, under trees and in the bushes. When the children hear the church bells on Easter morning, that is their signal that the Easter bells have passed and they run out looking for their Easter goodies. French church bells remain silent from the Thursday before Easter until Easter morning. The French Easter tradition is that the church bells fly to the Vatican in Rome, returning to France in time for the Easter celebration, depositing chocolates and eggs all over the gardens of French children. That's to sad they don't have Easter bunnys though : )

How do you Say Easter eggs in french?

"les Pâques poussent"

What has the author B H Easter written?

B. H. Easter has written: 'St. Lucia and the French Revolution' -- subject(s): History

What does les cloches volantes mean?

"les cloches volantes" means "the flying bells" in French. This is certainly Easter-related as intead of Easter bunnies, the French have stories of church bells flying overnight to Rome and back.

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