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Q: What do the blue and white alpha flag signify?
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What does the blue and white alpha flag signify?

dive boat restricted in ability to maneuver

When boating Distance from blue and white divers flag international code a alpha flag?

200 feet

What does blue and white alpha flag mean?

Dive boat that is restricted to its ability to maneuver

What does a white flag in a war signify?


BA-20 the blue and white alpha flag signifies what?

A dive boat that is restricted in movement.

What signal flag indicates scuba divers?

The signal flag that indicates scuba diver below is the Alpha Flag. The Alpha Flag is blue and white. It is most commonly utilized in European countries. In addition, the Diver Down Flag, which is a red field with a white diagonal stripe is ued to indicate a diver is below.

How do you let boaters know that you are scuba diving?

You display a Divers flag on the support vessel and/or use a surface marker with a flag on it. The international flag is the A or alpha flag, which is a blue and white pennant but in the US it is a red flag with a diagonal white stripe

What are the two types of diver-down flags?

They are the blue and white "alpha" flag used internationally, and the red with diagonal white strip "diver down" flag used in the US and Canada.

What does the color blue on the American flag signify?

blue for vigilance, perseverance, justice and freedom

What does red signify us flag?

The red signifies hardiness and valor. The white signifies purity and innocence, and the blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice.

What colour is the UK flag?

White, Blue & Red. The English flag is red and white. The Welsh flag is red and white. The Scottish flag is blue and white

What does the white colour signify in your national flag?

White colour in our national flag signifies Peace. We Indians are peace lovers. We love and respect our national flag.