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The French wear at Christmas much the same as they wear at any other time of the winter.

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Do the French have traditional Christmas costumes?

Well ofcorse it's just like you wear in christmas

Traditional mens clothing in France at Christmas?

do the french wear any traditional clothes at christmas?

What do Russians wear at Christmas time?


What are French Christmas clothes made out of?

There are no 'Christmas clothes' in France. People do just wear their regular winter clothing.

What colors do Jamaica wear during Christmas time?


What clothing do they wear in Australia to celebrate Christmas?

Australians do not have any special clothing to wear on Christmas. In general, they wear summer clothing, since the weather is hot at Christmas time in the southern hemisphere.

Do the French wear any special clothing on Christmas?

yes the do , the father of the family dresses up!

What does Brazil wear for Christmas?

what does brazil wear for christmas

What does the Switzerland people wear at Christmas time?

They wear plan pjs and like us they do the same just wear pjs.

How do I say Christmas in French?

Noël is Christmas in French.

What kind of clothes do bolivian people wear at Christmas time?

They tend to wear a fleecy jacket caled a Babakanoosh

What do the French call Christmas?

Christmas is spelled 'No

What is the French word for Christmas?

The French word for Christmas is Noël.

What is french word for Christmas?

The French word for Christmas is : Noël

Do french decorate their Christmas trees?

Do French have Christmas trees

What do the French celebrate during Winter?

The French celebrate Christmas during Winter. For Christmas they have the Christmas Eve Feast. The French enjoy their Christmas every year. Everybody look forward to Christmas.

What is the French Christmas greeting?

The French Christmas greeting is Joyeux Noël.

What color robe does the priest wear during Christmas Time?

White, or white and gold, is the color of vestments during the Christmas Season.

What do they wear around Christmas time?

Well around Christmas time they mostly wear green,red, and whit because whit is for the snow. Red is Santa's costume, and green is the bag that Santa Clause holds with him that are full of present/gifts.

What do the english for Christmas and the french don't?

we the English have Christmas crackers and the french don't

How do we say Merry Christmas in French?

"Joyeux Noel" is French for "Merry Christmas."

What do French people wear during Christmas?

They wear nothing special; Warm clothes if they go out, casual clothes at home; they dress a little better if they're dining out to at a friend's.

How do you say it's Christmas time in french?

il est temps de Noël

Do Chinese wear special clothes on Christmas?

yes, the Chinese do wear special clothes on Christmas.

Christmas in France?

Christmas in french is Noel