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Traditional French dishes include souffle and escargot. Cheese and wine play a major role in the cuisine.

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What kinds of foods are served at French restaurants?

All French food is served at restaurants in France including meat ,fish, cheese, fruit, baguette and many fine desserts. A lot of spices are used in French cuisine so the food is bursting with flavor. French food is always presented elegantly as this is very important to French chefs.

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When was ratatouille invented?

I don't know, but I think that it was invented in France, and now it's very popular and has been eaten for millions of years.

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What is a' la provencale?

A term referring to dishes prepared in the style of provence, a region in southeastern France. Garlic, tomatoes and olive oil are the major trademark of Provençal cooking. Onions, olives, mushrooms, anchovies and eggplant also play a prominent part in many of these dishes.

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How much money does a chef earn?

this defends on the ability of a chef how he/she is making food. it is to be decided by the authorities. this isn't a money making task but bcoz our society is encouraging it. delicious dishes hav different range of tastes and according to it is given as the salary of a chef. so, it depends upon the taste.

in profession, chef are given 50,000/- to 2,00,000/-.

French Food

What is coupe melba?

The Peach Melba is a classic dessert, invented in 1892 or 1893 by the French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel, London to honour the Australian soprano, Nellie Melba.It combines two favourite summer fruits: peaches and raspberry sauce accompanying vanilla ice cream.

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What is mir pioux?

celery, carrots and onions

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Do french people eat goldfish?

No, goldfish are not eaten in France; they are used for decoration only.

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Is French vanilla really French?

The French tropical island of La Réunion, in the Indian Ocean, is a renowned place for producing vanilla. This is where the pollination process was greatly improved by a 12-year old slave worker in 1841. The local production is down to a few dozen tons nowadays, reserved for high-end markets.

The vanilla produced throughout the Indian ocean (notably in Madagascar, but also on the Comoros archipelago and on La Réunion can be labelled 'vanille Bourbon', after the old name of the island of La Réunion, which can be confusing.

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What does fuagra looks like?

Foie Gras. Foie gras is a popular and well-known delicacy in French cuisine. Its flavor is described as rich, buttery, and delicate, unlike that of a regular duck or goose liver. In its whole state is is smooth and a light brown or tan color and shaped like a liver.

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What food originated from France?



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How do you say side dishes in french?

plat d'accompagnement

French Food

How many different types of French cheese are there?

It is said that there are 365 cheeses in France, one for each day. Just like wine you have to learn to appreciate a real French cheese!! Camembert, Brie, Livarot, Pont l'Evêque, comté, Roquefort, chévre, Tome de Savoie, Bleu d'Auvergne, Epoisse, Fourme d'Ambert, Cantal, Vieux Lille, Chaource, Neufchâtel, Maroilles, Munster, Mont d'Or, Saint Nectaire, Reblochon. Just try them if you can with a glass of red wine, French wine of course. Depending on the region the cheese derives from and of course the texture.

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Do french people like cheese?

Different people have different likes and dislikes. Some French people may like cheese, while others may not like cheese very much.

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What's French 17 course menu?

Hors d'oeuvre (appetizer)

Potage (soup)

Oeufs (eggs)

Farineaux (rice & pasta)

Poisson (fish)

Entrée (entry of 1st meat course)

Sorbet(chilled glass of water with few drops of champagne, and cigars are offered)

Reléve (meat course)

Rôti (roast)

Légumes (vegetables)

Salades (salad)

Buffet Froid (cold buffet)

Fromage (cheese)

Entremet De Sucre


Desserts (fresh fruits & nuts)


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French Food

Why do french people eat frogs legs?

cause they taste like chicken!

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What is a typical Cuban lunch?

A Cuban sandwich. Ingredients (for three sandwiches) 1 loaf of Cuban bread 1/2 lb Sugar Cured Ham Sliced Thin 1/2 lb Pork Roast Sliced Thin 1/2 lb Swiss Cheese Sliced Mustard Butter 1 Dill Pickle Sliced thin For a real Cuban Sandwich, do not add anything else. You can find these ingredients must likely in U.S. (Miami), not in Cuba. In Cuba now, under Castro, ironically, a lunch consists of whatever they can find.

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What is croute aux morille?

Une croûte aux morilles is a delicious creamy soup with morille mushrooms which you eat with crusts of fresh bread ( and it goes very nicely with a dry white wine) - typical winter cuisine in Franche Comté in the East of France near the Swiss border.

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On average how much is a three-course meal in France?

What's average? You can pay a thousand dollars if you like. 16€ will get you a good lunch most places.

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Is the word alfresco French?

It's an English word coming from the Italian "al fresco" wich mean "in the fresh (air)"

The french corresponding idiom is "à la fraîche"

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What do the French eat for dinner?

Some of the most famous meals in France are frogs legs, and snails these two meals are the most well known. There are numerous delicious French appetizers, for example, 1. Croûte aux Morilles (my personal fav)2. Tarte au Fromage (Cheese Tart)

3. Truite au Vin Jaune (this one is VERY YUMMY)

and the Fondue!!!

Relatively few French eat frogs' legs and snails are an appetizer, not a meal.

The French eat a wide range of things for dinner, but very standard fare would be steak or veal, or various sorts of fish, often with fries or a salad in a restaurant, typically with potatoes or a vegetable at home. A meal for guests will typically be multi-course, but if it's only the family it might be an appetizer, a main course and then a few pieces of fruit, with or without wine.

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What is the French culinary term for braised with vegetables in wine?

A la mode

Wine and Champagne
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What are the wines to accompany five course Chinese menu?

Believe it or not the tradition for a big Chinese dinner is to serve an expensive Brandy, such as Napolean Brandy. However, in this case you could serve white with the seasfood dishes, poultry, and if you have beef stir fries then use red wines. Just put out both. Merlots are usually all good. The Chinese also have certain alcoholic beverages of their own so if you really want to stick to this cultural meal go onto: and type in: Chinese alcoholic beverages. Both Gewurtraminer and Riesling are generally considered good choices for Chinese food. However, to accurately pair food with wine a person would need to know what foods are being served for each of the 5 courses.

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Why do the French eat snails?

According to the Larousse Gastronomique, snails have been popular since Roman times. Since France once was part of the Roman Empire, it may well be that the custom started then. What's more, the most common kind of snail eaten used to be that on vines, so it would have been readily available in wine country. Alan Davidson says they were included in the Menagier de Paris, a famous 14e c. cookbook, but had their ups and downs over the centuries in terms of popularity.


Snails is a traditional meal came from Roman empire, French cuisine is famous but there are a lot of countries where snail is a traditional meal and they eat it more than in France: some regions in Spain, Italy, Greece, England, Asia (they put snails in the soup), Africa (there are giant snails). Contrary to what one might think most of people don't eat snails in France.


It is believed that the edible snail or Roman snail was introduced to England during the Roman occupation. In Gloucestershire they are known as wall fruit.

i have had snails and they are good. The Greeks also eat snails. the French like snails, that's why.

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What kind of food do they eat in Paris?

Most of the same foods that are available in North America can also be found in Paris. Crepes are a common (and addicting) snack that is inexpensive and available on almost every street corner. One can even say that crepe stands are to Paris as hot dog stands are to Manhattan. Bread and wine are also common snacks. Ham and cheese crepes, croissants, or sandwiches are a common lunch. For dinner, beef, cheesy potatoes, escargot, fondue, and cheese platters are common menu options. However, popular American options such as french fries and pizza are easily found in Paris, as well. There is also no shortage of fast food chains like McDonald's in Paris either. In short, your meals while in Paris can be as authentic or unauthentic to classical French cuisine as you choose to make them.

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What food do they eat in France?

Generally speaking, the French eat well, and have a balanced diet, which is one of the reasons why life-expectancy in France is very high. They prefer eating slowly, to fast food. some people eat pizza at some times.

breakfast : usually, french people take bread and pastries (croissant, a pain-au-chocolat (a square-shaped chocolate-filled pastry)) with coffee, tea or chocolate. While breakfasts are usually avalaible at your hotel, you will have a much more typical one in a café, with croissants and espresso!

Lunch, from noon to 2 PM : some restaurants offer special menu for lunch ( usually displayed in front of the restaurant as "special midi")

Dinner beginning usually at 8 PM

Snacks : you could taste french crepes, waffles, ice creams and also delicious pastries in "salons de thé" during the day. But you may also find cakes and pastries to take away, at every "boulangerie-pâtisserie". You will also find small stands selling sandwiches, pizzas or french fries during the day.


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