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Organic Foods

Natural groceries that are free of GMOs, pesticides and artificial preservatives

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Is organic chicken worth the price?

This depends on your perceptions of what is valuable. Organic chicken may be worth the extra cash, because... The meat contains no added growth hormones. The chicken was not fed genetically engineered foods. The chicken was not fed antibiotics. The meat was not sprayed with chlorine or ammonia. Keep in mind though, that organic chicken may not be raised very differently than conventional birds. They can still be fed poultry and cattle by-products, kept in dark warehouses, and abused. It is always best to...
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Does honey have a high or low viscosity?

Honey has a high viscosity. Viscosity is a measurement of internal friction or thickness so honey would be more viscous than say water for example. ...
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Does organic food last long as non organic?

If the food is fresh produce, there is little difference, if any, to how long organic and non-organic food will last. If it is processed food, additives and preservatives in non-organic foods will make them last longer than organic foods. So, the answer is processed non-organic foods are likely to last longer than organic processed foods because of preservatives added to the non-organic foods. ...
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Is organic food really safe?

Organic food is safer than non-organic. Organic produce is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones. ...
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What are the bad points about organic foods?

They are more expensive and can be smaller than chemically grown foods
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Can organic butter get rancid?

Yes. Being organic does not give food unnatural properties that would prevent spoilage or rancidity. ...
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Is organic food a viable option for consumers?

Yes, organic food is a viable option for consumers. Organic foods can be more costly, but true organic foods are free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. They are also GMO-free unless cross-pollination of nearby GMO crops has occurred, so organic food is definitely a viable option for those who are health conscious. ...
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Is natural synonymous with organic when it comes to food?

No. Natural ingredients mean the same thing as normal ingredients. In other words, natural ingredients just means that these things originally existed in nature. All food, even processed food, has to originally exist in nature. Organic foods means it was not touched by man-made genetic processes or pesticide processes. All food is natural, some food is organic. ...
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Can you lose weight fast eating organic foods?

It depends on what organic food you choose to eat. If you eat a healthy balanced diet containing mostly organic fruits and vegetables with daily exercise (minimum 20 minutes a day) your weight will lower. However, it is not a guarantee to lose weight off of eating organic foods. ...
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Is ammonium bicarbonate healthy?

It isn't necessarily healthy, but it isn't unhealthy. It is safe. It's the raising agent in a variety of foods, such as gingerbread. ...
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Is cast iron pans bad for your health?

According to researchers, cast iron pans may actually be better for you than nonstick pans. ...
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Does organic milk stay fresh longer?

Only if it is pasteurized at Ultra High Temperature, causing it to stay drinkable for longer. Most containers of organic milk treated this way also have a disclaimer that milk "tastes freshest within 7 days of opening" even if you drink it before the stamped expiration date. ...
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Does Costco sell organic food?

Yes, Costco sells many different organic foods.
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How can you tell the difference between ripe and rotten wild onions?

Rotten ones will be mushy. slimy, and smell like a compost heap.
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Is rice a grain?

yes it is
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Why is organic food less healthy?

Organic food is actually healthier than non-organic food because it is produced without chemicals, pesticides, and artificial ingredients. ...
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Are organically grown foods really healthier than conventionally grown foods?

My humble experience--the pesticides used on produce are generally harmless in regards to humans, ecspecially if you wash/peel them well. I've been VERY ill from organic produce. And yes, I traced back through several days worth of food to pinpoint the culprit (fortunately, I was logging everything). The pathogens contained in manure are killed by pesticides--not so with organic food, and with even vigorous scrubbing and peeling, I still contracted salmonella poisoning. I was rapidly losing fluids from both ends, shaking uncontrollably, falling...
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What is a good website to buy organic spices?

There are so many of them out there, but if you want to buy in bulk there's a company that sells online called Aromatica Organics. I buy bulk turmeric from them as it helps with my arthritis. I also have high blood pressure so I use their salt free seasoning in place of salt. I used to use Ms. Dash, but this stuff tastes so much better and its organic. Good luck with your search. Their website is I'm sure...
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Is nitric oxide healthy?

Nitric oxide is important to a certain extent to ensure organs like the liver has sufficient blood supply. Excess amounts, however, is as healthy as cyanide and can result in vascular collapse and tissue toxicity. ...
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Does Walmart sell organic food?

Yes Walmart does sell organic food but it is very hard to find. The term 'organic food' refers to food that is grown according to certain standards. Production is based on the avoidance of toxic and long lasting pesticides and fertilizers. Food that is labeled "Certified Organic" must meet certain government imposed regulations. You can read more about organic food at the link provided below. ...