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Zoo is spelt the same in French and English, zodiac in English is zodiaque in French.

They mean, in order, zoo and zodiac

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What does la mean in french?

'La' in french is the in English. But in french it is used for feminin words only. Where as 'le' in french is also 'the' in English but it is used for masculin words.

What does bi mean in french?

bi is a prefix that means "two" or "both" in French words, just as it does in English words.

What does Amarige Mariage mean in English?

Neither of these words are English.Mariage is French and means marriageAmariage is neither French nor English

What do the French words depuis quand mean in English?

Depuis quand means 'since when' in English.

Bonjour monsieur in English?

The French words 'Bonjour monsieur' mean 'hello sir' in English.

How do you spell all the French numbers in English?

What do you mean? There's only one spelling of French words--the French spelling!

Au revoir in English?

good byeThe French words 'Au revoir' mean goodbye in English.

What does the French words aime le mean in English?

'aime le ' is like the ... / love the ... in English.

Ou habitez-vous in English?

The French words 'habitez-vous' mean 'or do you live' in English.

What does esta es mean?

The Spanish words esta es translate into English as the words this is. These words translate into French as c'est.

What are all the words from English to french?

if you mean literally it's "tout les mots"

Examples of coexisted English and French words?

Words do not co-exist ! They simply exist (or not) I don't get what you mean by coexistence.

What does the French phrase 'sans paroles' mean in English?

without words -- as in "Songs Without Words"

What does fluid mean in french?

English to French: Fluide French to English: Fluid

What do the French words 'Bonne chance' mean in English?

bonne chance means 'good luck' in French.

What does mad mean in french?

Translated from English to french, mad (English) is folle in French.

What does the French words votre pere mean in English?

Votre père means "your father".

What do the French words La Salle mean in English?

'la salle' means literally 'the room'

What does est-ce mean?

The words est-ce are French and translate into English as the words is this. These words translate into Italian as e questo.

What does velcro mean?

It is made of the association of two French words:vel for "velour", velvet in English;cro from crochet", hook in English

What does actif in French mean in English?

Actif in French means active in English.

What does seulement in French mean in English?

Seulement in French means only in English.

What does rose in french mean in English?

rose in French means pink in English...

What does timbre mean in english?

French to English Timbre mean Stamp

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