The Crucible (play)

What do the girls do at the end of act one of the crucible?


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They walk off stage and wait for their next scene.

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At the end of act one te girls find themselves doing harsh things to John proctor because he has been a naughty boy.

At the end of the act, Betty and Abagail are crying out who they saw with the devil.

The girls have been dancing in the woods with Tituba, and one of them has passed out. It raises the spectre of witchcraft.

We just got done reading the crucible and no it did not rain in act one of the play..

To draw attention away from themselves (and what they were doing in the woods) and make scapegoats out of others.

He is arrested because the girls in court say his spirit was the one who made all this happen.

That Abigail is the bad person who lies and cheats out her friends to get what she wants which is john proctors wife dead so Abigail and him could be together.

one definition of crucible is a severe test or trial which kind of speaks for itself

No. That is in fact the very point of the play: The Crucible. The people being accused were wholly innocent with no evidence to even attempt to prove their culpability. The girls had no ability to perform black magic which further proves the incredulity with which one should approach the witchhunt.

Since the end of Act one ends with a cliffhanger, the audience would be anxious for Act two to begin in order to learn more.

romeo is upset at the beginning of act one because the girl who he is in "love" with doesn't love him back. & Juliet is upset at the end of act one because she didn't know romeo was who he was at the party.

All ninety-one people are called in for questioning during Act III. This is an act in the play The Crucible.

Proctor decided to confess so that one more lie may save his life.

The end of Act One follows the visitation of the Ghost. Hamlet is visibly shaken and possibly mad by the end of the act. The ghost has given him a mandate to act; Hamlet must now take steps to complete that action or reject the ghost altogether.

Find out about one and pick one that you really like

They were with Tituba, attempting witchcraft, to get men to fall in love with them. One of the girls had stripped naked and was dancing around the fire, which caused the biggest upset.

Abigail has total power over John Proctor because of the affair and over Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, and Betty,her cousin.

In the end of the last season, the girls find out Mona was ONE of the A's. There is more than 1 A.

There were seven but this is six: Abigail Williams, Betty Parris, Mary Warren, Susanna Walcott, Mercy Lewis, Ruth Putnam. Tituba was with them, but she is not one of the girls. She is an adult black woman.

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i dont know read the book

the major one would have to be the teenage girls dancing in the woods, it had lead all the other conflicts... ect the village people getting accused of witchcraft, Abigail had started it... always telling lies and making the situation even worse, that ended up the main conflict the hangings, which Abigail ended.

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