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Friday the 13th

What do the knights templar have to do with Friday the 13th?



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The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of the Temple of Solomon or The Knights Templar, were a militant branch of the clergy, tasked with support and protection of Christian pilgrims in the Holy land during the crusades. They were also the Bankers for said pilgrims, having a system where one could deposit funds with one group of Templars and withdraw those funds (less a handling fee) from any other group of Templars. The Templars gained wealth as the Church showered blessings and money on the order; but with the wealth came power and stories of corruption. The French monarch King Phillip IV and Pope Clement V together set up an elaborate plan to completely destroy the Templars, sending out secret, sealed orders across Christendom to be opened and immediately acted upon at a set date. It is said that the date was believed to be Friday the 13th. On 13 October 1307, Philip IV ordered the arrest of the entire order of Knights Templar in France, and had their possessions confiscated. This act served as one of several origins of the superstition which regards Friday the 13th as an unlucky day. Those member who were not killed outright were taken into custody and charged with heresy. They were tortured to obtain confessions of sacrilegious practices, including heresy and witchcraft, and sent to the flames en mass. These admissions were later retracted as being forced admissions. The leader of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, was executed on 18 March 1314, by which time the Templars had been virtually hunted out of existence. Their lands, funds, and other properties reverted to the crown, and some say the king shared these with the church.