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BP after a date means Before Present.

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Q: What do the letters BP mean after a date?
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What does date bp mean?

BP is a way of expressing the age of an object, as compared to BC or AD. BP is based on the disintegration of carbon. A rough formula for finding BP age from an AD is today's year minus 1950 = a number to subtract from the AD date. For example, an object is dated at 1,000 AD. It is now 2008, therefore 2008 - 1950 = 58. The object date 1,000 AD - 58 = 942 BP. Basically BP is approximately the BC date plus 1950 and the AD date minus today's year minus 1950.

What do the letters BP stand for?

British pound (money)

What BP date corresponds to 2450 BCE?

2450BCE would have a BP (Before Present) date of 4400BP.BP is set at the 1st January 1950.

What is meant IP in tablets?

In medicine, the letters "IP" on tablets are used to signify that the medication is not a generic brand. On the other hand, the letters "BP" printed on tablets mean that the medication is generic.

What does the gas station bp letters stand for?

British Petroleum

What do the letters in the date 689 B.C. mean?

before Christ

What do the letters in the date 689 b.c . mean?

before Christ

When is bp dividend paid?

According to BP web site, ex-divdend date is 2/9/11 and pay date is 3/28/11 for 42 cents per share of BP stock ADS ( U.S. ).

What does bp mean on a bank statement?

BP on your bank statment stands for Bill Payment

What does bp mean in bp at Nordstrom?

Brass Plum: brass was a favorite of a Nordstrom wife.

What was the date when the BP oil spill started?

April 20th 2010

What do the letters AD after a date mean?

Anno Domini- it's Latin and means after Jesus.