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they are all used in the English language :)

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Q: What do the letters b d e f h k l m n p r have in common?
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What word in the English language contains the letters a b c d e and f?

An English word containing the letters 'a ,b ,c ,d ,e , and f is 'Fabricated' .

What animal has the letters d e l t w i b s e e?

These letters spell WILDEBEEST.

How many 5 letter code words can be made out of the letters abcdand e?

There are no 5 letter words containing the letters a b c d and e. The 6 letters words backed, braced and cabled include the letters a b c d and e.

In the following line of letters what letter follows the seventh E B E F B E B I E F S E E D P F E S J E E J D E D E P J E T?


How can you place five each of a's b's c's d's and e's so that no letters are repeated horizontally verticallly or diagonlly?

first row: a b c d e second row: c d e a b third row: e a b c d fourth row: c d e a b fifth row: e a b d c

Which are the closed lower case letters?

a, b. d. e, g, o, p and q.a, b. d. e, g, o, p and q.a, b. d. e, g, o, p and q.a, b. d. e, g, o, p and q.

Which letter comes next in this series of letters b a c b d c e d f?


What is coronation street tune on piano with letters?

A b b a b c..... D# f e g b# e d d.... G e f g# It took a long time to work out start with your thumb on S

How many such pairs of letters are there in the word CREDITABLE each of which has as manyletters between them as they have in English alphabet?

The word CREDITABLE has five pairs of letters - C-E, E-D, D-A, A-E, A-B

What is a b c d e f?

The first 6 letters of the alphabet?

What entire words can be spelled with the letters a b c d e?

the alphabet

the first five letters in the english alphabet?