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Q: What do the numbers on a bar code mean?
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What is a series of lines and numbers which contain information about a product?

Maybe you mean a bar code?

What do the numbers on a gold bar mean?

the numbers on a gold bar mean what carat the gold is

Difference between bar code and qr code?

Bar code stores numbers only,but QR code can be store be with any multimedia.

Why are numbers on a bar code important?

Numbers on a bar code are important because it is how the scanner recognizes the what product you are trying to buy. The lines and dashes are important to this as well.

What does a bar code system consist of?

A bar code consists of lines, or bars, if you will, that contain numbers and code for a product. It hold the information for the pricing, the inventory and the SKU numbers or catalog numbers of a certain product. It is also integrated in stores computer system.

What does numbers D-334 118 71 7 on a liquor bottle mean?

it may be the bar code, if it isn't then it will probably be the code that the retailer uses to tell between the products

How do the lines on a bar code and a scanner of bar codes work?

Most bar codes you will see on consumer products have the numbers below. A Bar code is a way of making information readable to a machine. It does this, similar to morse code, by encoding normal letters and numbers as patterns of thick and thin black lines. The purpose of the bar code is to tightly control the comparison between the thick and thin lines, and the space in between, so that the pattern has a high chance of being read correctly. Every letter in the alphabet has a corresponding bar code character, when the bar code reader scans the bar code its electronics translate the bar code into the letters, and send these letters in machine code to the computer. Some bar code readers use what is called a "wedge" - they are plugged in between the keyboard and the computer, and send signals into the keyboard port of the computer exactly as if the operator had typed in the numbers on the bar code.

What are the bar code numbers for Ninjago ipod?

Lego ninjago

What do the bars on bar codes mean?

they mean that they are numbers of or to pertaining to the numbers on the product. Identifiers.

What is your laser visa number?

Your laser visa number is actually called a bar-coded number, it is read by laser. Bar codes are easy to identify, normally the numbers or numbers and characters will be below the bar code

How do you read a postnet bar code?

Disregard the first and last bar, they mark the beginning and end of the bar code. Each digit in a bar code is made up of 2 tall and 3 short bars, starting with the second bar read 5 bars as 7,4,2,1,0. which ever numbers has the tall bars add them to get the first digit of the bar code. 7 and 4 is 0.

What numbers on bar code indicate organic?

9 indicates this product is organic

What does the number under the bar code on a can of grizzly tobacco mean?

it means the moisture content. 1,2,3,4 which are common and have a low moisture content. And such numbers as 11 and 12 are rare and really moist.

What does UPC mean in retail?

Universal Product Code. A bar code generally.

What does UPC stand for in a item description?

Universal Product Code. It's the bar code and numbers used to identify a product.

What is the number behind the bar code on grizzly cans mean?

the numbers are a rating system from 0 to 12. 0 being the lowest quality 12 being grade A chew

What are advantages and disadvantages of bar code reader?

the advantages of a bar code reader is that you can scan things instead of entering the numbers but some software take webcams so i would just cheek if the program you are using accepts webcams as they are cheaper but if it don i would get a bar code reader.

What is a Bar code wand?

A Barcode Wand is a single function scanner that reads printed code and translates it into numbers via OCR

Does any of the bar code numbers tell you where the produce is grown or made?

the first 3 letters

What is the last 4 numbers of the bar code of coco pops?

its 4103 sent t.n.x if it works

What is a bar code reader?

A barcode reader is a machine that interprets barcodes.Almost every box has a bar code. A bar code are little lines that run straight up and down. Those bars mean something. A bar code reader reads those bars and will translate the bars to whatever it means. In most stores, the checkout counter people look on boxes for that bar code, then they take a bar code reader and scan that.

What is the bar code for Lego Ninjago?

What do you mean by just ninjago

Is a bar code an input or output device?

A bar code is a bar code. It is neither an input or output device. The bar code reader, which is used to read the bar code, is an input device.

What do the engine numbers mean on a VW?

What numbers are you talking about? It will tell you the displacement and a engine code. The engine code is used at dealers and garages.

What does the number mean under the bar code of a dip can?

What does the number under the barcode on a can of dip mean