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There is no official answer, but many fans have drawn it. There are plenty of examples - you can look them up.

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What are apocalypse ponies?

The apocalypse ponies are a raving band of warring killing ponies, including pestilence pony, famine pony, war pony, and death pony. The apocalypse ponies go around the world, punishing mankind for their sins with diseases, famines, war, and death, just like their jingle, "My little Pony, Apocalypse Ponies, they punish mankind for their sins."

Why do My Little Pony characters have symbols?

To show their personalities so that the other ponies have a clue what she is like.

When was My Little Pony first made?

The original line of My Little Pony began with the Earth Ponies in 1982. The Earth Ponies were later followed by Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Flutter Ponies and Sea Ponies. Flutter Ponies were smaller and thinner than Pegasus Ponies, and had fluttering wings. Windy Wing and the Summer Wing Ponies were smaller than the Flutter Ponies and were proportioned in a similar way, with larger, butterfly-like wings. The Sea Ponies resembled seahorses, and were produced as both adults and babies. There were also male ponies called 'Big Brother Ponies', which had slightly larger bodies and feathered hooves resembling those of Clydesdale horses.

Are horses ever born dwarfs?

Well a dwarf horse is like a shetland pony or a regular pony not very big but u can still ride the pony not shetland pony Shetland ponies and ponies in general are not Dwarfs! Dwarfs display certain characteristics that are not present in ponies. A miniature horse (A type of pony really) can give birth to dwarfs due to the high level of inbreeding and genetics.

Do boys like My Little Pony plush?

Many bronies do like My Little Pony plushies, but not all.

Why did Bonnie Zacherie create My Little Ponies?

Well, if you thought of something that seemed like a good idea, and thought perhaps you could make some money off of it, wouldn't you make that thing? Originally called "My Pretty Pony" Bonnie Zacherie wanted to make a toy-line of ponies, that actually looked like ponies. They weren't actually colorful, or unicorns and Pegasuses until Hasbro bough it, and changed it to "My Little Pony" and started a show (G1) to promote the toys, and then made them colorful to be more appealing.

When will Skyla appear in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

Never. This character was just made up from Hasbro like many of the other ponies they've designed for dolls only.

How do you increase your level of your pony to 1 on pony island?

By contesting your ponies. If your lucky you will receive an UDL (or Un-Deployed Level) for that pony. This can be spent in whichever category you like to increase the level.

Why do boys like My Little Pony?

boy may like my little pony because it looks fun and they may secretly love my little pony also that some of them are so stressed out that they need an escape route and my little pony is one of them

What is the Shetland pony personality?

shetlands, like all horses, have a wide range of personalities. Although, many find these ponies as stubborn, or classify them with a "pony attitude." This means very little though, a well trained cart shetland or a piding pony doesn't always behave in that manor.

What do ponies look like compared to horses?

Most ponies look just like horses, just a little smaller.

What are some characteristics of a Miniature Pony?

It depends on the breeding of the miniature pony. Some look more like Shetland ponies, and some look like down-sized Arabians. Miniature ponies can be great lawn-mowers, family pets, show champions, led ponies and ridden ponies for small children. Miniature ponies are generally good-natured, but some tend not to be broken in properlly. and can be timid. Look up Minature Ponies on the Internet for more information, Winnie the Horse Gentler

What do ponies eat?

They can eat a lot of things like hay, pony nuts, and many, many, more!

Is donut a good name for a pony?

Depends what your pony is like it sounds quite a cheeky name. Ponies are cheeky so yes i think it is a good name.

Do ponies like to be left alone?

No, ponies do not like to be left alone. They are herd animals, and therefore should have some type of companion. Another pony/horse, goat, minature horse, donkey ect would be the ideal companion for a pony. But if you mean for a short period of time [Less than 24 hours] then the pony should be fine

How do you get more ponies on club pony pals?

To get a second or third pony on Club Pony Pals, take the bus to Olson's Pony Farm. Once there, take a look around and see which pony you like best. Once you've found one you'd like to buy, click on it, then choose "Buy Pony". Choose not to trade in a pony you already have (this option will not be available if you have 3 ponies), then click "Next". Give the Pony a name and choose whether you want it to be a mare or a gelding, then accept to the rules of having a pony from Olson's (you will get a board bill every month, and if you do not pay board for 2 months you will get a warning email. From then you have 2 weeks to pay your board bill or you will loose bought ponies). Your pony will be waiting for you in it's new stall in the barn.

What is the difference between a horse and a pony?

One ViewPonies stand under 14.2h and horsesstand over 14.2h.Also, ponies are more likely to be cuter!Ponies can hold just as much weight as a horse too.Another ViewThere are several differences between a horse and a pony. With regard to height, ponies stand 14.2 hands and under, while horses stand over 14.3 hands. While some people say that ponies are cuter than horses, many ponies are known to have strong and sometimes stubborn personalities.Some ponies, like the sturdy Icelandic pony, are capable of carrying a full grown adult, while other ponies, such as the Shetland pony, are best suited to young riders.

Is a pony a horse?

NO. A pony is in the horse family like a donkey is. They have different breeds from horses but, horses under a certain height are somtimes called ponies, but they are short horses.

Where does the ponies come from?

They are thought to have come from places like the shetland isles and colder places, where food was scarce. Because the food was little, they became smaller and hardier, thus being our everyday pony.

Is it normal for a 12 year old to like my little pony?

My little pony is not defined by an age group its for anyone!

Why do people watch My Little Pony?

People like My Little Pony in different ways. They don't always do it for trolling, but people actually like My Little Pony. Its cute, its nice, and it has a very good story line base.

What does priscella the moshling look like?

Priscilla the Princess Pony looks like an orange my little pony.

Why do men like My Little Pony?

Men find it more interesting then the older girly My Little Pony from before Lauren Faust started the series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

What is the difference between a mini pony and a pony?

They're actually called miniature horses. I own some. Mini horses actually look like tiny horses, like little Thoroughbreds. They're really lean with thin legs and elegant heads. Ponies are stocky and sturdy with short legs and short necks.

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