Ford F-250

What do the rear brakes on a 1968 f 250 look like?


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They look exactly like the rear brakes from a 1969 F250

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If you can see the brake caliper and rotor, then it has disc brakes. If all you see is a large drum then it has shoes. If you can see the front brakes thru the wheels, you can identify disc brakes. If the rear look like the front, then they are also disc brakes. However if the rear look much different, then chances are they are drum.

Yes - some have drum rear brakes and others have disc rear brakes

it either has front disc brakes and rear drum or it has front and rear disc bakes. look for a flat disc in the front and back - those are front and rear disc brakes-they take pads. The drum brakes take shoes. < look under "repair info"

The rear brakes will lock when there isn't enough weight in the rear of the vehicle, the surface is loose (like a gravel road), or they [the brakes] are applied to heavily. Newer vehicles with anti-lock brake systems (ABS) should not have this problem.

LS6 Chevelles had rear disc-brakes

The front and rear brakes are both made of ceramic. i bought front and rear brakes on eBay for $80 total.

On a Ford Explorer : 1991 to 1994 model years have ( drum brakes on the rear ) 1995 and newer models have ( disc brakes on the rear )

same as the front there both disk brakes just like the front

They take ceramic brakes all the way around and they change just like others.

Front brakes have significantly more stopping power than rear brakes.

The brake caliber is sticking if it has rear disc brakes. The rear wheel cylinder is sticking if it has rear drum brakes. Replace both rear units and then drain all the old brake fluid out of the system and replace it with fresh fluid. Bleed the brake system.

Of course. All vehicles have front & rear brakes.

i need a diagram on how rear brakes are assembled

More information. There generally isn't a fuse for rear brakes.

They will be drum or disk. Just look and see. More than likely they are disk brakes.

sounds like the emergancy brake cable

Sounds like your handbrake is stuck or rear brake drums are seized. Check out hand barke system and rear brakes.

You can adjust the rear brakes with the rear brake adjustment bolt. The rear brakes should adjust automatically every time you back up and use the brake.

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