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Egypt's national symbol of the Saladin Eagle sits in the center of the flag. It features colors from the Revolution of 1952, with colors of red, black, and white horizontally across the flag.

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What are the national symbols of Egypt?

its flag

What does the symbols on the Pennsylvania flag stand for?

i think the pennylvanias flag symbols mean peace liberty and hardwork...

What the symbols on the Madagascar flag stand for?

help me

What do the UK flag symbols stand for?

what do they meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

What do the symbols on America's flag stand for?

The stars stand for the 50 states and the stripes stand for the the 13 colonies.

What do the symbols stand for in the Vatican City symbol?

The symbols for in the Vatican City are on its flag. The keys stand for the keys of Heaven. The Papal Tiara stands for the Pope. The yellow and white of the flag stand for gold and silver, the color of the keys.

What do the symbols on the flag for Florida stand for?

it stands for the red lip stick that the girls where!

What does the symbols of the Pennsylvania flag represent?

THE SYMbols in the flag represent the U.S.A.. wealth and trade

What do the symbols and colors mean on the Switzerland flag?

white- peace and honesty red- hardiness, bravery, strength, and valour these colors stand for mostly any flag with these colors

What is Korea's flag?

Korea's flag is very unique. It has four symbols on the side which stand for heaven, fire, water ,and Earth. It has a specific name called Tae Guk Ki. Here is a picture of the flag:

What does the symbols on Canada flag stand for?

The Canada maple leaf stands for the trees in Canada.the color red is important to Canadians.

What does the hammer and sickle on the USSR flag stand for?

The hammer and the sickle are the symbols of the communism. It indicades the workers (hammer) and the farmers (sickle).

What do the symbols on the Washington flag mean?

The stuff on the flag is on the flag lololol

What do the symbols on the Japanese flag stand for?

theres hardly any symbols except for the red ball in the center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT MEANS THE RISE OF THE SUN! im 12 and im not even Japanese and i know that!!

What do the symbols on the new york state flag mean?

There are several symbols on the New York state flag. Lady liberty and justice stand fairness and justice for all. The ribbon with the word excelsior stands for reaching goals. The eagle symbolizes good fortune.

What do the symbols on the flag of Chile stand for?

. white= snow of the andes blue= the blue of the skies red= the blood of the patriots that fought for independence

What does the Oklahoma state flag stand for?

The design of the present Oklahoma state flag was adopted in 1925. It highlights the cultural diversity of the state by prominently featuring Native American symbols in the design.

What country's flag is all green with no symbols?

Libya's flag is all green with no symbols on it.lbyaThe solid green flag was the national flag of Libya before the Libyan Revolution.

What is the sacred symbols of ancient Egypt?

The Sacred eye and Ra are both sacred symbols of Ancient Egypt.

What do the symbols on the US flag stand for?

The thirteen red and white sripes mean the thirteen original colonies. The stars mean the fifty states.

What do the symbols on the Costa Rican flag represent?

The symbols on the Costa Rican flag means there is a lot of mountains, rivers, and oceans.

What do the symbols on the Colorado State flag stand for?

The 4 different colors on the Colorado flag all stand for something: the blue represents the skies; the gold stands for the sunshine enjoyed by Colorado; the white represents the snow-capped mountains; and the red represents the Earth.

What are the colors for the Indiana flag?

The flag has a blue background with yellow symbols.

What are some symbols of Germany?

the flag

Is there any symbols on the Colombia flag?

no there is not