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Q: What do the two stars near the center of this block represent?
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Why can't we see the stars in the center of our galaxy?

Several reasons. The most important is that clouds of dust and gas between here and there block our view. Another possible reason why we can't see stars at the center of our galaxy is that there aren't any left. We believe that supermassive black holes occupy the centers of most large galaxies including the Milky Way; there may be no stars left near the galactic center.

Do stars ever colide with other stars?

That's possible in principle, but extremely unlikely in our immediate neighborhood. Near the center of galaxies, that likelyhood increases, since stars are much closer together.

What main conclusion did the Herschels draw from their star counts?

The Milky Way is a disk of stars with the sun near the center.

Where does the sun's nuclear fusion occur?

Near the core (center).Near the core (center).Near the core (center).Near the core (center).

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Some hotels near the Myrtle Beach Convention Center include Sands Ocean Club Resort, Sandcastle Oceanfront Resort and Anderson Ocean Club Resort. All of these hotels have a rating ranging from 3.2 out of 5 stars to 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Is the North American continent older near the coasts or at its center?

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What is at the center of milky way?

Astronomers suspect that a super massive black hole is at the center of the Milky Way. Over a period of several years, astronomers have observed that stars near the center of the Milky Way are orbiting an object with massive gravitation, and the object emits no light. What can it be? A black hole is the best answer, and by the way the stars move, it must a super massive one.

Why are stars near the moon?

You will find stars in every direction - both near the Moon, and in other directions. They are not really "near" the Moon; they just happen to be in the same direction.

What is a star and is at the center of the solar system?

A star is a burning ball of gas and rock floating out in space. Most stars are around planets almost suspended in space. Bigger stars are a source of heat and are usually used for light and heat for near by planets.

What are stars called when they are in a group?

Groups of stars have different names depending on the size and nature of the group. A "really big bunch" of stars is a galaxy. A cluster of stars within a galaxy that are "sort of near each other" might be called a local group. There are examples where several stars might form what is called a multi-star system where they all rotate about a common "gravimetric center".

What is the evidence that the center of your galaxy contains a massive black hole?

There are several pieces of evidence for this. One of them is the orbits of stars near the center of the galaxy; we can tell that there is a concentration of mass there by the way nearby stars move. However, the earliest indication was probably the presence of a powerful radio source, called Sagittarius A*, at the center of the galaxy. A black hole is one of the few objects that's consistent with both those observations.