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Q: What do they sell in tongan markets?
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What markets sell pantyliner?

the markets i know that sell pantyliner are Tesco but im not sure about other markets.

What do markets in India sell?

India markets sell mostly jewelry and fruits

What outlets do firms have to sell their output?

business markets and consumer markets

What is sing is to choirs as sell is to?

Sing is to choirs as sell is to markets. Singing is a common activity in choirs, just as selling is a common activity in markets.

What do markets sell?

mostly food

Farmers and nomads sell goods at outdoor markets called?

farmers and nomads buy/sell goods at outdoor markets called sepets.

Why are markets important?

Stock markets are trading places. A place to buy and sell commodities.

What do they sell at a chembakolli shop?

crops from markets

What do they sell in afghan markets?

They would sell anything they could to get money to survive.

Does markets provide information on what sellers will sell?


Does shaws markets sell amazon cards?


What did they sell in Victorian markets?

they sell cats and dogs and food and shoes. they sell snails and other fish tooo.