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The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean. It comprises 176 islands, 52 of which are inhabited. Tonga has an estimated population of 104,000 as of 2009.

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What games do Tongans play?

Well i myself am a Tongan . We mostly ; Boys : Foot ball , Rugby Girls : Volleyball Rugby 'hope it helped ofa atu . Racing games for kids. Get all information for racing games then choose the suitable racing games for children. Truck games to download and all-sided information of each truck games to refer to. Come here to get your funniest Halloween games for you and your kids! Download and enjoy them on your iPad, iPhone… We not only offer most popular pony...
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Is Tonga an medc?

hell noo. there are small pockets of developement, but overall no Tonga is an LEDC ...
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Who is Tongas team captain for rugby?

Finau Maka (Captain)
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How do you say never forgotten in Tongan?

To say "never forgotten" in tongan is, 'Oku 'ikai ngalo pe.
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What is the English translation of the Hawaiian and Tongan word 'maile'?

"Dog" and "vine" are English equivalents of the word maile. Specifically, the word in question is a noun in the Hawaiian and Tongan languages. It means "dog" (Canis lupus familiaris) in the language of the Kingdom of Tonga, a Pacific Ocean archipelago which is closer to New Zealand than to Hawaii. It means a particular kind of "vine" (Alyxia oliviformis, "chain resembling olive") in the language of the Hawaiian Islands. ...
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What does Ofa lahi atu mean?

'Ofa lahi atuo = love you heaps " 'ofa atu" is similar to "love you" in English, lahi means heaps/lots Other variations include: 'Ofa au ia koe (=I love you) 'Ofa lahi atu kia koe (I love you a lot / I love you heaps) My partner is Tongan and he tells me all the time ;) 'ofa atu means I Love You. buh im not shure what lahi stands for ? i dont think that is the correct saying. - im Samoan&Tongan ...
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How do you say Happy Birthday in Tonga?

You might say "Ma'u ha 'aho fiefie" which literally translates to "have an eager day" but "Ma'u ha 'aho fiefia" doesn't quite answer the original question either because that only means "have a nice day". I don't remember if there is a standard birthday greeting that is commonplace. If I were to wish "happy birthday" to someone, I would probably just say, "Ma'u ha 'aho fa'ele'i fiefia" Which roughly translates to "obtain a happy birthday (the day of birth)" Even then, I'm not...
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What are the dance steps to the flamenco?

Flamenco is characterized by fast, precise footwork where the dancer stamps his feet rapidly on the floor. Although the feet are used differently, the principle is similar to tap dancing, where the rhythms created by the feet become part of the music. The techniques for striking the floor are unique to flamenco and are called "zapateado". ...
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What is the absolute location of the capital of Tonga?

The absolute location of Nuku'alofa is 21°7'S/175°12'W
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What did Captain Cook name Tonga?

Captain Cook the man named Tonga "The Friendly Island." Why because Tongans where kind to Captain Cook when he arrived to Tonga. ...
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Who are stronger Tongans or Samoans?

Since the Samoan population is almost twice that of Tonga, they would have the edge. Sike! Tongans are way stronger then Samoans sadly. ...
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What are the Samoan and Tongan words for disability?

Mai le atoatoa le malosi.
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How do i say i want you in tongan?

'Oku ou fiema'u koe
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Who is stronger tongans or Samoans?

The real answer is no one actually both countries are exactly the same. Tongans say there stronger because of something that happened so long ago, no one really cares actually. ...
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What are the impacts that affects the Tongan culture?

Westernization The increasing connection among countries and the globalization of business do not mean that cultural differences are disappearing or even decreasing. As economic borders collapse, it is possible for cultural barriers to grow. When individuals from differing cultures interact, many similarities may emerge, but many differences also may be amplified. Tourism's Negative Impact While the few local elites and transnational corporations are the primary beneficiaries of a dominant tourism industry, Native Hawaiians continue to be the poorest, sickest and least educated of all people in Hawaii....
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How do you say 'hi my name is' in Tongan?

Hi, my name is John = Mālō, Ko hoku hingoa ko John.
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What is Tongan for hello?

Mālō ē lelei Thats mah lo eh leh lay. See also: hayllos ...
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What foods do people in Tonga eat?

There are all sorts of foods eaten in Tonga that include fruits, animals and seafood. "Talo" (taro) and "Manioke" (a.k.a, tapioca or cassava) are considered vegetables, and are popular common sides to main meals in Tonga. They grow in the ground and Tongans eat the root. At big feasts "puaka" (pig) is often roasted in the ground (called a "fei'umu") or rolled on a stick, over an open fire. They also eat the fresh catch of the day from the ocean,...
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What is the native animal of Tonga?

well there are lots of them but the most common animal of Tonga is the fruit bat ...
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Who is famous in Tonga?

Akilisi Pohiva&Alani Taione., ,Alani Taione