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they used a long thin stick with a long sharp end .

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What to eskimos use to hunt whales?


What kind of boat do you use to hunt whales?

a boat

What did colonists use to hunt whales?

Nets spears

What kind of whales did the Chinook tribe hunt for?

the chinook tribe did hunt for gray whales, fin whales, sperm whales, blue whales, and humpbacks, and they use the blubber for candles, and the meat for eating, even though there are 80 species of whales. they even use the whale's oil for electricity I think in 1932.

How can you use blubber in a sentence?

Inuits hunt whales in order to use their blubber.

Do gray whales hunt together?

no. gray whales do not hunt. they feed on krill.

What 3 animals use sound to hunt?

bats dolphins whales

Do killer whales hunt for other whales?


What whales do the Japanese hunt?

Minke and Humpback whales

Do whales fight or hunt other whales?

yes and no

Why do Korean people hate whales?

Korean people do not hate and hunt whales. It is the japanese who kills whales for food. The chinese are reported to hunt whales on certain occasions.

How do blue whales hunt?

they hunt with sound not siaht

How do killer whales hunt other whales?

Killer whales are often known to feed on other whales. They will hunt down and drown young or weaker whales. They also feed on seals and shoals of fish.

What tools did the haida use to hunt whales?

the haida tribe used bone tools.

Why did people hunt whales?

Whales were hunted for their blubber and oil.

What did Eskimos hunt?


Why do you hunt whales?

to get the oil

What did the kiowas hunt?

Kiowas will hunt buffalo's and big whales

Do whales hunt alone?

no. they hunt in groups called pods

Is there any animals killer whales hunt?

They hunt seals.

What is the use of Brine water in oil rigs?

i think its used to attract whales, so that they can hunt them.

What is inpuiat?

an inpuiat is a culture in which you hunt whales and use thier bones,blubber,oil,meat

What type of whales in hunt in groups to catch its prey?

killer whales

What do blue whales hunt?


Are humans allowed to hunt whales?