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What do they wear in India?

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Women wear an Indian Sari.

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What do men wear in India?

The men in India wear Kurta's

What woman wear in India?

Most women in India wear the "Sari"

What is the loin cloth that men wear in India?

The loin cloth men wear in India is called a dhoti.

What do kids wear in india?

In India children during religious meets wear their traditional dress according to their state.................

What do girls scouts in India wear?

Girl Guides in India wear a blue uniform (dress) with a belt and a scarf/neckerchief.

What was the ancient clothing of India?

in aceint India they use to wear dhotis

Why do people in India wear the clothes they wear?

Because their religion requires them to.

What do children wear in India?

the girls wear saree and boys wear a western kind of look

In which country do you wear scapa?


What do Indian's from India wear?


What to women in India wear?

They where sarees

In India you normally do not wear pure nylon or polyester clothes. Why?

in india we normally do not wear pure nylon or polyester clothes .why?

What type of clothes do the people in India wear?

people in India wear t-shirts,jeans,skirts,shorts,and etc. For special occasions they wear saris and dresses for women but men can wear shirts and ties

Difference between the lifestyle of Saudi Arabia and India?

the poeple of india wear .......

What do Indians wear in India?

saris and bells men wear something else

What do India people wear called?

Saris and punjabis (women only wear these).

Why do Hindus wear red wedding dresses?

why do they wear red dresses in India

What do kids wear in india for clothing?


What color does a bride in India wear?


What country do women wear sari?

in india

What do people in India wear?

they weat suties

Do the people of India wear underwear?


Where in India do woman wear phiran?


What do boys from India wear?

they ware saris

What are the types of clothing called in India?

Women wear a sari and the men wear a dhoti.