What do tiene que mean in English?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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It means: he/she/you need to

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Q: What do tiene que mean in English?
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What does que tiene mean?

"Que tiene" in Spanish translated to "what he/she/it has/you have" "Tiene" is the he/she/it/you(formal) conjugation of the Spanish verb "tener" which means "to have", therefore "tiene" means "he, she or it has/you have" "Que" can either mean "what" or "that" "Que tiene?" as a question means "What does he/she/it/you have?" "....que tiene" in the middle of a sentence usually means "that/which he/she/it has/you have". 'tener que' = 'to be obliged/have to' 'que tiene que' = 'which/who is/are obliged//has/have to'

What is que tiene que regresar manana in English?

"que tiene que regresar mañana" translates to "that has to come back tomorrow" in English.

What does no tiene nada que agradecer senorita mean in English?

You have nothing to thank miss.

What does sé que usted tiene a una esposa pero pienso que le amo mean in english?

I know that you have a wife, but I think I love you

What does que tiene ricardo mean?

¿Qué tiene Ricardo? (A self standing question) "What does Ricardo have?" ...que tiene Ricardo. (used at the end of a sentence) "...that Ricardo has."

How do you say esa lucesita tiene que briar in English?

That would be, "Esa lucecita tiene que brillar." It means, "That little light has to shine."

What does Cuántas unidades de matemáticas tiene que tomar mean in English?

How many math units/credits does (she/he) have to take.

What does Que tiene centroamerica mean?

What does central america have?

How do you say Que tiene el nino in English?

It means "what does the boy have?"

What does La gente ignora el poder que tiene mean in English?

"In English, 'La gente ignora el poder que tiene' translates to 'People ignore the power they have.' It suggests that individuals may not realize or appreciate their own capabilities and influence."

What does Mera huele biecha que lo que aii mean in English?

Si aquello no tiene ningún significado en castellano; tanto menos en inglés. Nothing. Neither in Spanish nor in English.

What does this mean in English El hombre sabio habla porque tiene algo que decir - el tonto porque siempre tiene que decir algo?

The wise man speaks because he has something to say - the fool because you always have something to say?