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What do two blue lines on a HPT mean?


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2005-09-10 05:37:57
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It depends on what kind of HPT you used. They are not all the same. Read the instructions. EPT test


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One blue line means negative. Two blue lines means positive. No lines take a new test.

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Two white lines mean you should not cross these lines.

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Yes, you can get a false negative with a hpt. On the other hand you can not get a false positive with a hpt.

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what had happen you either had a false negative or a false positive--this happen when you have low hcg level in your urine--like you said you took two other hpt and came back positive-- i assume you are pregnant with low hcg level and the clear blue digital didn't pick up your hcg -if you still have concerns and haven't had a period yet--i suggest you go to your doctor and ask for a blood test and also explain what happen to you when you did the hpt--a blood test is more accurate than a hpt--when you buy hpt you have to read when the hpt expired and when its best to used it..i've never used hpt before a missed period even with the 5 days advance hpt--always used hpt after a missed a period because your hcg will be high and easy to be pick up by hpt--i hope i help you--good luck

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