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Usually the tattoos you see are a character called a "kanji". They can be read many ways depending on which kanji follows which, and so on. It's very hard to take a kanji and translate it because you need to actually know Japanese to have a recognition software properly process the kanji.

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What Japanese tattoos symbolize children?

Japanese tattoos of Koi can symbolize children. In Japan the have a special celebration called Children's Day in which they raise koi flags. Another tattoo would be of the Japanese kanji for children.

What does water symbolize in Japanese tattoos?

Water symbolizes LIFE. ----

Which Japanese tattoos symbolize children?

koi is one way the color makes a dif

What do dog wood tattoos symbolize?

what does dog wood tattoos symbolize

What tattoos symbolize determination?

The Japanese koi fish is a symbolizes determination and courage. They make a great tattoo

What tattoos can symbolize 'beauty'?

Butterfly tattoos are popularly associated with symbolizing beauty, along with change. Various flowers, such as the hibiscus flower, represent beauty as well.

What do vine tattoos symbolize?

Vine tattoos represent nature

What tattoos symbolize hope?

A Star Tatoo symbolize hope.

What kind of tattoos symbolize perseverance?

A lightning bolt can symbolize it .

What tattoos symbolize the past present and future?

Triangle tattoos are often utilized to symbolize the past, present and future. The same is true of butterfly and dragonfly tattoos.

What do feather tattoos symbolize?

Feather tattoos can symbolize a great many things like dreams. Feathers can also symbolize things in nature that are important to you like animals.

What do sakura tattoos symbolize?

Sakura? Sakura Haruno?! She doesnt have any tattoos You must have gotten mixed up :P Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese....thats wat they meant.

What do star tattoos symbolize?


What tattoos symbolize respect?


What tattoos symbolize 'change'?

The more feminine tattoos that symbolize change are the butterfly, which is very common, or the dragonfly. Others are the phoenix and the skull.

What does a Japanese temple symbolize?

What does a Japanese temple symbolize? What does a church symbolize? What does a synagogue symbolize? What does a mosque symbolize? What does a any of them symbolize? a place to get in touch with whatever you believe in.

What tattoos symbolize 'accomplishment'?

i accomplished something in my life and i want a tatoo to symbolize that.

What tattoos symbolize perserverance?

The Koi fish is used as a symbol of perseverance for tattoos. Turtles are also great for tattoos that mean perseverance.

What do pirate tattoos symbolize?

freedom or stealing stuff

What are some tattoos that symbolize new beginning?

A Butterfly

What tattoos symbolize loyalty?

There are quite a number of tattoos that symbolize loyalty. Some of the common ones include the crane, doves, swallows, sunflowers and so many more.

What does a ribbon tattoo mean?

Most ribbon tattoos symbolize the person's support for cancer research or those who have had cancer. Other ribbon tattoos symbolize ideas like peace.

Where can someone find photos of Japanese tattoos?

Photos of Japanese tattoos can be found all over the web. Searching an image directory with this specific term - "Japanese tattoos" - will yield a large number of results.

What do water and cloud tattoos symbolize?

For many people clouds symbolize freedom, while looking at the sky

How do you find out what specific tattoos symbolize?

have a look on this website!!1