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They tell us that we need to be carefull, when there is a warning about a eruption. It also tellls us about the earth in many ways, such as: There is lava under the the land layer, there are many tectonic plates, and so on.

Volcanoes tell us a lot about the chemical composition of rock. They tell us what incredible force there is under the earth's crust.

They can be used to indicate were the earth has been hit by large astroids in the past.

The shockwave from an astroide can go through the "core" to the opposite side of the earth and there cause an eruption.

Volcanoes tell us more about the past than our future.

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What information does the exstence of geysers and volcanoes provide scientists about earths interior?

Volcanoes and geysers tell scientist a lot of things about the earth. The can tell how old the earth is and how much more it can take.

What do volcanoes and earthquakes tell us about the structure of earth's interior?

I love earth! How bout you?That God has made thing for us to learn about and wonder, "why does this happen?"Also it shows us that our earth always go through changes.

How do volcanoes helps us and the earth?

When volcanoes erupt the lava cools and hardens, making new land on land or on water. It is believed that volcanoes created the land on Earth.

Are the volcanoes on Io and Triton similar to those on earth?

both Volcanoes , according to Nasa and other sources, tell us that the volcanoes are quite different from earth due to the gravitational pull of Jupiter and that the elements being given off by these volcanoes are not lava but rather sulpur and Ice cold jets called "volcanic ice" In essence and to simply answer the question: NO, they are quite different...

How many volcanoes are there on earth?

There are 498,924,253,643,612 volcanoes on Earth.

Does Earth have active volcanoes?

Yes earth has active volcanoes.

Can there be boy volcanoes and girl volcanoes?

There are no boy or girl volcanoes. They may be given male and female names. Naming them helps people remember where they are located. Mt. St. Helen's tell us that it is in the northwest US,

How many volcanoes are there are earth?

there are approx. 1500 active volcanoes on earth

Why is there an equator on earth?

to tell us were the center of the earth is

How can you tell older volcanoes from younger volcanoes?

usally the older ones world be taller than younger ones.the magma makes earth and the earth would pile up and make the volcanoe taller.

Why do you have volcanoes?

Well, if volcanoes didn't exist, neither would the earth. Since volcanoes helped build the earth.

What does a compass tell us about the Earth?

It tells us that the earth currently has a magnetic field.

Is Mars the only planet with volcanoes?

No. Earth (obviously) and Venus have volcanoes as well.

Does the earth have any volcanoes?

There are hundreds of volcanoes on the earth, and several dozen that are currently active.

How many volcanoes have erupted on earth?

There is 6,000000 volcanoes on earth and more under water

Does earth have volcanoes craters rings valleys?

Earth has volcanoes, craters, and valleys but not rings.

Where is there active volcanoes in the US?

We have alot of volcanoes in the US but the state with the most volcanoes is Alaska.

Why do people have volcanoes?

They don't the earth makes volcanoes

What does a hurricane tell us about the earth?

A hurricane tells us about the Earth that it and its atmosphere are rotating (spinning).

How are volcanoes related to earth?

# Volcanoes are the earth's surface.# Valcanoes are made from the earth# That is all i know

Do volcanoes only erupt on earth?

No, Astronomers have discovered erupting volcanoes on Venus as well as Earth

Which planet do you find dead volcanoes?

Venus, Earth, and Mars all have extinct volcanoes. Earth, however has active and dormant volcanoes as well.

Is the earth a volcano?

No. Earth is a planet. It has volcanoes on it.

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