What do walruses eat?


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Walruses eat clams, crabs, snails, cabbage and worms.

walruses eat alot!


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Ask yourself. Do Man eat walruses? :)

No walruses only eat shellfish.

No, polar bears eat walruses.No, that's backward. Polar bears occasionally hunt and eat walruses.

No. Walruses eat plankton and small fish, NOT cows.

False Walruses do not.

Polar bears and especially killer whales kill and eat walruses.

No, but walruses sometimes do attack and kill narwhals.

Walruses usually eat two times a day! when they eat they devour about 3,000 - 6,000 clams!

Yes, walruses are carnivores. Some food walruses eat include mollusks and occasionally seals.Yes walruses are carnivores. They eat mussels, crabs, squids, seacucumbers and so on. They have also been known to kill and eat seals, and scientist have even found remains of other walruses in the stomach of the dominant males.

they eat a strange way

Walruses mostly eat invertebrates. Invertebrates are animals that do not have backbones

Polar bears are carnivores, and walruses are a primary meat source in their environment.

no they don't only eat fish

they are carnivores, they eat mainly shellfish.carnivoresyes walruses are carnivores they are only adapted to eat meat in this casecarnivores

Yes. Polar bears do kill and eat adult/young walruses on ice.

yes they can cause they live in a lot of waters attacking animals like the walruses

Whales, walruses,and seals

Yes they eat walruses too

yes. they suck them out of the shell and digest them.

No, because they are both mammals and family.

no! walruses are not herbivores they eat worms,shrimp,clams,oysters,mussels,crabs and little fishNo.No, because they eat lobster and clams, as well as other seafood. But, they eat "vegetarian" things as well.~fezziwink1013

1.seals eat penguins and small seals. 2.walruses eat fish

Polar bears will eat seals, fish, and somtimes walruses

No , they like to eat lots of Stefanos in an bowl with cream

Orcas and polar bears eat walruses.

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