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The penguins webbed feet help the penguin do many things! Such as: waddle around rather than gliding on their belly the whole time, to help them swim faster, and more!

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What is the adaptation of a Humboldt Penguin?

Its webbed feet

What types of animals have webbed feet?

A penguin

How do webbed feet help penguins?

Webbed feet help penguins swim and waddle.

Why do seals have webbed feet?

seals have webbed feet to help swim

What is flightless bird with that swims with webbed feet?


What is the purpose of birds with webbed feet?

I believe the webbed feet are to help them swim.

Why do beavers have webbed feet?

Their webbed feet help them swim.

What are the two special features of a penguin?

its webbed feet and skin

How do webbed feet help a duck survive?

Webbed feet help ducks move efficiently through water.

Why do bats have webbed feet?

Bats have webbed feet as one of their adaptations. This will help them to float on water when they are swimming.

What is the main function of a ducks webbed feet?

Ducks developed webbed feet to help them swim better.

What is the locomotory organ of penguin?

They use their webbed feet for walking and flippers for swimming.

How do the webbed feet of a duck help her to swim in water?

The webbed feet help the duck swim faster, just as flippers help us to swim faster.

How do webed feet help a duck?

The webbed feet help them swim faster.

Why do penguins have flippers on their feet?

They have webbed feet to help them swim.

What are the body part adaptations of a penguin?

flippers and webbed feet so they can swim

How do webbed feet help a duck?

to swim

What are some penguin special features?

some of the special features of the penguin is it slides on its stomach, its flippers, and its webbed feet

How do webbed feet help an animal?

Webbed feet help animals swim. There are many reasons that this helps them survive in their environment. It helps them swim, which helps them catch prey and escape predators. Webbed feet help beavers make their dam. They help animals just get around in general

Reptiles with webbed feet?

crocodiles have webbed feet crocodiles have webbed feet

What is the goose feet advantage?

webbed feet help it swim faster

How does having webbed feet help a platypus?

Platypuses have webbed feet to aid their swimming. Their two front feet propel them through the water with a rowing motion; the hind feet assist the tail with steering. Having webbed feet gives them more stamina for the many dives they must make. Their feet are not webbed all the time - the webbing is retractable. This enables platypuses to use their claws to dig their burrow.

Why do some birds have webbed feet?

birds like ducks and other birds that swim have webbed feet to make them swim faster

What features help ducks to swim?

Webbed Feet.

What is the adaptation of the capybara?

Webbed feet to help swim

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