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What do wild birds eat?


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If it is edible, there will be a bird somewhere that eats it. The only exception is general plant matter, like grass and such. Mature plant matter consists mostly of cellulose and to be able to eat mainly cellulose, an animal needs to ferment it to make it digestible. Sufficient body-size to allow fermentation is incompatible with flight, so only Flightless Birds use fermentation, with the exception of the Hoatzin, which is a very poor flyer. Even so, there are no general herbivorous birds equivalent to mammals such as deer, sheep and cattle.

Many birds eat flowers and buds, but these contain quite a bit of nutrient apart from cellulose.


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no not at all wild cats eat birds.

Yes. Many wild birds eat fruit.

wild birds can eat worms and bird feed.

No if they were in the wild birds of prey would eat them.

Yes they sometimes eat.

Yes many birds in the wild life eat each other

Nearly all domesticated birds do, but some wild birds eat berries and other things.

yes,many songbirds eat them.

A wild turkey, duck and pheasent are three wild birds that are edible.

Yes, most birds -- both wild and domestic -- will eat sunflower seeds. For domestic birds, this is not as healthy as a balanced diet of mixed seeds, but wild birds will often eat sunflower seeds from a bird feeder in combination with their natural diet of wild seeds, berries, and/or insects.

Yes, wild birds can eat cranberries. Just last week, I put out some on my feeder and on the floor, and some birds eat it, and the squirrels and chipmunks all gobble up the rest on the floor.

no, if its not what they would eat in the wild(besides seed) , they shouldn't eat it

No, birds do not eat bean they have a diet of eating seeds and corn definitely not beans, although some birds eat mixed beans.

Birds of prey, Kestrals for example, wild cats, fox.

no you can't feed birds honey it is very bad for them.

No.They only eat wild fruit and nuts.

they eat bird food if they arepets or if they live in the wild grubs , worms and little insect

Well, almost all birds eat meat. The eagle is part of the bird family and birds eat meat. Some people trian birds to not eat meat. Wild birds and birds in house eat meat, so yes.

Most birds in the wild eat a wide variety of nuts, berries, and small insects, so yes, they do eat cranberries.

Small birds or rats most likely birds because thats what they eat in the wild

No, only wild birds. if you feed it to pet birds theycould get sick or possibly die.

Owls, hawks..raptors (aka, birds of prey) Pretty much any wild carnivorous bird.

Ball pythons eat several different things when they are in the wild. They will eat other snakes, birds, lizards, and small animals.

They aren't picky, they will eat whatever they can in the wild or captivity. Fruit, nuts, and seeds are staples of their diet in the wild and in captivity.

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