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Grasses, insects, etc.

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Where wild hamsters live and what does it eat?

Wild hamsters live in in burrows in the Syrian desert.

Are hamsters vegetarian?

Not all hamsters are vegetarians. The hamsters in the wild eat insects.

What do hamsters eat in the wild?

In the wild hamsters Will eat the remains of any vegetation or scraps that they can find and then store then in their burrow, this means that they can save them for later.

In the wild what animals eat hamsters?

In the wild, good luck finding a hamster

What will wild hamsters eat in the wild?

in the wild hamsters will eat things like dandilion leafs,grass,clover they will eat common garden worms as well but if you have a pet i wouldn't really give them to it geunipigs also eat some of the same things

Do hamsters hunt in packs in the wild?

No Syrian hamsters live on their own. Dwarf hamsters eat insects they don't hunt.

What do Syrian hamsters eat in the wild?

berries and cracked shell.

Can hamsters eat wild rice?

No, they will implode like seagulls

What do hamsters do in the wild?

Wild hamsters live in hot desserts and burry themselves in sand. its a cool life being a wild hamster! They eat various seeds including Sunflower seeds.

Can peppermint hurt hamsters?

WHY would you want to give a peppermint to a hamster???? Hamsters don't eat peppermints in the wild.

Are there wild hamsters in Britain?

No, wild hamsters come from where hamsters actually originated from in the syrian desert.

What do dwarf hamsters eat?

They are omnivorous and will eat many things. In the wild, they eat seeds, grasses, insects, even carrion.

Can hamsters eat worms?

Hamsters can eat mealworms. A pet hamster can be fed either freeze dry or live worms. In the wild hamsters are omnivores and it a variety of different food like seeds, fruits, and insects.

Can hamsters live in the wild?

yes they can cause there is such thing as wild hamsters

Are hamsters vegetarians?

They are omnivorous, and will eat almost anything edible. In the wild, they'll eat seeds, plants, and insects.

Foods hamsters eat in the wild?

anything they can find. they love fruits, carrots, letuce and such.

Is it ok for hamsters to eat frosted flakes?

NOOO it wouldnt find frosties in the wild!

Would Syrian hamsters eat grass in the wild?

Yes, if they were not hungry for something else.

How do hamsters survive in the wild?

Hamsters that live in the wild die very quickly, because birds or other animals can easily eat them or kill them because they're so small and they don't know whats right to eat or is wrong to eat. They can also die because of hunger....

Do hamsters live in the wild in the US?

No. Wild hamsters are in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

What main food do hamsters eat?

In the wild, they feed primarily on seeds, fruits, and vegetation, and will occasionally eat burrowing insects.

What are the hamster's enemey?

In the wild mostly birds of prey eat hamsters. Roborovski hamsters empty out there cheek pouches to try and distract the bird with the seeds.

Why do hamsters live in cages or in the wild?

hamsters live in wild places because they are dangerous animals and can bite. just like they eat their food they can bite other things just as well. hamsters can protect themselves just like any other animal

How does a hamster hunt its prey?

Wild hamsters eat plants, but they also eat some insects. They don't really "hunt their prey."

What is back flipping syndrome for hamsters?

hamsters don't like when there turned on there back because in the wild when they were turned on there back the next minuet the predator would eat them):