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women love gay men to go shopping with

a man needs to be striking in some way and have something unique about them. Whether it is there great skill in music for example, or able to pull off a funny joke. Girls love to be able to laugh and be themselves around you. Obviously there are the phyiscal attributes such as good hair, nice smile, healthy looking and of a reasonable height. Although this of course depends on the height of the girl- normally a bit taller than they are. They want to be able to trust and understand you. Don't think you have to be tough and manly all the time either! Girls like guys with emotions- just as long as you don't blubber all the time!

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What does a man look for in women?

kl ;)

What would an Gemini look for in a women?

A man!

What do women look at first when they see a man?

his face

What women look for in a man?

A bed to f*ck on.

Is it normal for your boyfriend to look at other women in front of you?

Of corse it is normal, he is a man. Its their natural instinct to look at other women, but at the end of the day he is your man and not that other girls.

Do women look at other men in a relationship?

It depend and not all women look for a relationship when they stare or look at a man. When women look at a man, most of the times we only admire how a man bring himself, the way he dress, if he have a cute smile, the way he takes care of his body. Some of us only flirt innocently if the man is very handsome. And sometimes we only look without thinking if we want a relationship.

What women look for in men?

it really depends on the women, in what she finds in a man ,hope that help u!

What do women look in men?

women look for a man that is attractive, kind, caring, sensual, passionate, a good worker, strong, and that is financially stable..

Can a man look like a women?

yes but you have to do a lot of things to do then he could look like a woman

What did women look for in a man in the 1800's?

Women didn't look for men in the 1800's, most marriages were arranged and decided upon by the father of the woman.

Why do women like men with abs?

Because women likes to know that her man is strong and fit!! And it makes them look muscular!

How did the first man and woman come to be?

God created man and later women, from the earth he have created so that they can look after what he has created.

Is it a sin for a Muslim man or guy to look at girls or women in bikinis?

Yes is aib

What should I do for Valentine's Day tomorrow?

If your a man buy your women a bunch of roses and take her out for a meal! If your a women dress up nice and look sexy for your partner! If your a man buy your women a bunch of roses and take her out for a meal! If your a women dress up nice and look sexy for your partner! cry alone in a cold pillow in an empty bed

Why do married men look at other women?

For most men they will look at other women and just because they are married doesn't mean they can't appreciate a nice looking woman. Married women can also look at other men and some certainly do, but as long as the man and wife just look and don't touch it's all very normal. Just because a married man looks at other women does not mean he is being unfaithful.

What were men's roles in the 1950s?

men's role was to be a provider and to be a good father a man that men look up to and and man that women want

Why does your man check out other women?

Because they are human, if you see a very attractive man aren't you going to look? It means nothing

When a man stares at a women with a serious look on his face mean?

They are waiting for a reaction from the women. Her reaction will determine him response, whether good or bad

What type of man does a libra women look for?

Libra women like men who are self confident and imaginative. Dressing nice helps too.

Why did females change their appearance into a man to be involved in the civil war?

Women changed their look to a man to fight in the civil war because women were not allowed to fight in the civil war at that time period

Can women with thinning hair - female pattern baldness - get a buzz cut?

if a man can get a buzzcut so can a women they look just as good on a woman than as a man so the answer is yes and is recommended

What is the Jimmy's relationship with women in look back in anger?

write a note on man-woman relationship in the look back in anger and coment upon it

Why if a man is already with a good looking women why should he turn his head to look another women butt?

It means absolutely nothing, he just looking with his eyes. As long as he doesn't look with his hands, then its no problem

How do you attract a Scorpio man am a Gemini women?

Show skin Smile Look into his eyes Talk to him Get close

Why does a women get fat when they meet a man?

They no longer have anyone to impress and therefore they have no incentive to look good anymore

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