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An Amendment. There are 27 Amendments to the Constitution currently.

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What do you call changes in the Consititution?


A change in the consititution is called?

An amendment

What is the consititution?

What is the Consititution?

Who is the father of the consititution?

Thomas Jefferson

Which was the first state to approve the Consititution?


What was the document that stop slavery?

the u.s consititution

Why was the Bill of Rights added to the consititution?

For equal rights.

When was the US Consititution ratified?

On 21 June 1788.

Which is the chief source of political power in India?


How many admenments does he constitution have?

There are 27 amendments in the consititution

Why is the consititution called a living document?

Because it is open to change constantly either by ratifying the Constitution with a new amendment or by repealing an existing amendment.HOPE THIS HELPZ!

What year was the US Consititution written?

September 17, 1787

What is the minimun age for a Senator?

The Consititution sets the minimum age at 35.

What role did Eliza Lucas play in the Southern Colonies?

she wrote a consititution

What was recorded for the first time in Greece during the sixth century BC?

a consititution

Who was know as the father of the consititution?

James Madison, because he authored most of the Constitution.

When was the last amendment made to the consititution?

It allowed people to kill each other

When was the consititution signed?

On various dates beginning with George Washington on 17 September 1787.

What is a consititution?

A document of fundamental principles that the government acknowledges and is expected to follow during governing.

What did the consititution create?

The Constitution created the three branches of government - Legislature, Executive, and Judicial.

Does the distribution of sovereignty reserve to the states the authority to define marriage?

Any authority not given to the federal government is, according to the Constitution, reserved by the states, and there is nothing whatsoever in the Consititution that discusses or legislates a definition of marriage. This is awkward in the case of something so basic, since the concept seems to call for a broader accepted definition. But there are provisions in the Consititution that provide for each state to honor the laws enacted in the other states.

How many days does the governor have to sign or veto a bill?

It is entirely dependent on that particular state's Consititution.

What makes national law greater than state law?

Because the US Consititution declares that to be so.

Which amendment suggests that you shouldn't get a life sentence to prison for shoplifting?

be the Eigtth Amendment to the Consititution which prohibits 'crul or unusual punishment.'

What do you call when you change a melody's key?

You call it "modulation".