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What do you call a female turtle?

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Answered 2020-11-01 16:59:38

A female turtle is no different it's just called a female turtle.

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Ningjing Li
Answered 2020-05-15 23:20:10

a female turtle

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How do you call a female turtle?

you dress up as a guy turtle or you can just bribe it towards u

How do you call a male turtle?

You call it a turtle or a male turtle. Just like a snake, or lizard, or... Lots of things don't have separate names for male and female of the species

How do you tell a female sea turtle from a male sea turtle?

the male turtle has a longer tail than the female turtle. the female turtle is always larger than the male turtle..

How do you know if you have a female turtle or male?

you got to take off its shellor call the place

What do you call a red eared female slider turtle?

I do not believe there is a proper term for female red eared sliders yet. :)

What is a female turtle called?

a female turtle is just a female turtle there is no other name for it however baby turtles are called tittles

Why does your female turtle get on top of your male turtle?

To make a baby turtle

What is the name of the female turtle?

i know a female turtle named beatrice if thats anyhelp

What is a male or female green turtle called?

A turtle

Can a female turtle has a baby turtle without a male turtle?

What is necessary is sperms of male turtle . So if there is presence of undamaged sperms in surrounding water then female can be fertilized .

What do you call a small turtle?

a turtle

How do you tell the part from a girl turtle and a boy turtle?

You can see if a turtle is a male or female by their tail. A female will have a shorter tail than a male.

Does a green sea turtle lay eggs?

yes, if it is a female turtle. almost every female turtle lays at least 50 eggs

Can a boy turtle have a baby turtle?

no only female turtles can

What do you call a turtle with no tail?

an awkward turtle.

Who lives longer - male turtle or female?

A Female turtle because once its husband/mate turtle dies it goes hunting for another one.

How do turtles make eggs?

The female turtle will lay the eggs and the male comes along and fertilizes them. The female turtle will lay eggs even if there is no male turtle around.

How many eggs does a female box turtle usually lay at a time?

The female turtle lays at least 20 eggs

What do you call a turtle that loses its shell?

A dead turtle.

Who lays the turtle eggs the female or male?

The female of course !

Is Lilli Pad a good name for a female turtle?

Excellent name for a turtle!

Does a turtle need a female turtle with it?

NO it does'nt it just needs what it needs to survive

How do you tell female turtle and tortoise turtle are wife?

Look for a wedding band.

Female snapping turtle?

what is your question

Does a turtle trudge?

that has to do if its a male or female