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Q: What do you call a fifer's drum?
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What are you called if you live in fife?

They call themselves 'Fifers'.

What do you call the part of the drum where you hit the mallet with?

A steel drum.

What do you call the rapid sound of a drum beat?

a drum roll.

What do you call a kettle drum player?


What instruments did fifers play?

A fife is a small, simple transverse flute.

What do you call 'damru' in English?

The Damaru is known as a power drum

What do you call the big circle thing on the drum?


What do you call to an insect that plays drum?

A Rhythmic Tick

What do you call a drum that you can beat with your hand?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Call of the Drum - 1914?

The cast of The Call of the Drum - 1914 includes: Gladys Ascot as Stella Crane Mary Manners as Muriel Walters Slaine Mills as Carden

Why is a snare drum called a SNARE?

It is called a snare drum because it has wires going across the center of the drum, underneath, when the drum is struck, it uses the metal wires to create a "sizzle" or "rattle" sound. This gives it the distinct sound that a snare drum has. And some people will just call a snare drum a snare for short.

What do you call an insect plays drum?

Ringo Starr..... He was a beetle.

What do you call a musical instrument that rhymes with the word thumb?


What do you call an insect that plays drum?

A rhythmic tick.

How do you call a snare drum in spanish?

tambor de la trampa

How many drum parts are there on a drum?

Well if you are talking about drum set drums, each drum (snare,toms, kickdrum) all have the same basic components. There are the lugs, batter and resonate heads, two rims, the body(thats what I call it). Thats pretty much it.

What do you call a Jamaican Drum?

A steel drum (or steel pan) is Trinidadian not Jamaican. In fact it is a totally different type of instrument. Jamaican drums are all types of membranophones (eg. the bass drum, funde drum and kété drums)

What is the call of reggae drum?

pope Benedict used to be a drummer in a reggae band and he made his reggae drum in the shape of a bum and he used to worship satan

What was the rank of a Civil War Drummer Boy?

The rank was officially "musician". Drummers, fifers, and buglers were all classified as musicians.

How many drummer boys were in the civil war?

The US regulations at the time said that each company (100 men) would have two musicians. Typically one was a fifer and one was a drummer. This means that for every regiment (10 companies), there should be a total of 20 musicians, about 50:50 between fifers and drummers, and one Drum Major who led the field music.

What do they put in place of lions and tigers and bears oh my in vegetable tales wonderful wizard of ha's?

Ohians and fifers and mares, oh my

Name of drums?

On a standard drum kit, a bass drum(the big drum driven by a pedal, the high hat cymbals also driven by a pedal, a ride cymbal( the big cymbal), the crash cymbal, a snare drum, a floor tom and other toms two toms that I call tom 1 and tom 2

Can you put a marching snare head on a concert or drum set snare drum?

yes, as long as itst the correct size, but i wouldn't suggest it. hey ladies call me, 480-336-0855

Where can I get drum lessons for children locally?

Your first option should be to call the music department of your local Board of Education. They should be able to recommend qualified teachers for drum lessons. If that is not successful, your next move should be to consult your local phone book for "music instructors: drum".

Which is the largest drum in drum kit?

Typically the largest drum on a drum kit is the Bass drum.