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A group of Gazelles is called a herd.

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Q: What do you call a group of gazelles?
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What is a group of gazelles called?


What is a group of Thomson's Gazelles called?

Because gazelles are ungulates, most likely it is called a herd. but really im just guessing. I've heard of it referred to as a "flock" as well.

Are gazelles omnivores?

No, Gazelles are herbivores.

Where do gazelles live?

gazelles live in the desert and mountain gazelles live in rocky areasIn a Zoo

Do gazelles hunt alone?

Gazelles do not hunt, they are herbivores.

Do hyenas eat gazelles?

Yes, hyenas do eat gazelles.

What are some of gazelles social behaviors?

what are a gazelles social habits

Where is a gazelles habitat?

gazelles live in many parts of Africa

Qu'est-ce que les gazelles mangent?

What do Gazelles eat?

Are gazelles mammals?

Yes, all species of gazelles are mammals.

Are gazelles rare?

Some types of gazelles are rare but not all of them. Gazelles are a species of antelopes and can run with speeds up to 48 miles per hour.

What do you call A group of dancers?

What do you call a group of Dancers?

Are cheetahs and gazelles friends?

No. A cheetah considers gazelles as food.

What are Tomphsons gazelles?

Thompson's gazelles are a breed/type of gazelle found in Africa.

What country in Africa do gazelles live?

Gazelles are found all over Africa.

How many gazelles are there left in the wild?

there are at least 6000 gazelles left in the wild

Are gazelles omnivores herbivores or carnivores?

Gazelles are herbivores (a grazer and browser).

Which animals hunt gazelles?

Gazelles are mostly hunted by Leopards, Lions, Cheetahs and Hyenas. They can also be fed to Crocodiles and the babies/young gazelles are sometimes eaten by baboons, eagles, pythons and jackals. Humans also hunt gazelles!

Are Gazelle omnivores?

No, Gazelles are herbivores.

Are gazelles endothermic or ectothermic?

Gazelles, like all other known mammals, are endothermic.

What do gazelles look like?

Gazelles have sharp teeth and their skin is brown or black and they have antlers.

From where to where do gazelles migrate?

Gazelles migrate from land through rivers to land

Is a gazelle a herbiovers?

Yes gazelles are herbivores

What are a gazelles habits?

Gazelles mainly prefer living in bushy savannas or open grassland. Gazelles habits consist of grazing all throughout the day and simply roaming the area.

What do we call group of goldfish?

You call a group of fish a school