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What do you call a group of performers?

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You would call a group of performers something different based on what they are performing, and how many of them there are. For example, a group of performers in a certain type of play could be referred to as a troupe, and a group of 5 musicians in a quintet.

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What is a group of performers called?

A group of performerstrio

What is a group of nine performers called?

A group of nine performers is called a nonet.

What is collective noun for a group of performers or actors?

A group of performers is a troupe of performers or a band of performers. A group of actors is a troupe of actors, a company of actors, a condescension of actors, or a cast of actors.

What is a group of three performers called?

Its called a trio when there are three performers together.

What is a group performers called?


What do call four people singing?

In music, a quartet is an ensemble of four singers or instrumental performers. In pop music they would be a "group".

What actors and actresses appeared in Last Call Vegas with Blue Man Group - 2003?

The cast of Last Call Vegas with Blue Man Group - 2003 includes: Carson Daly as Himself - Host Blue Man Group as Themselves - Performers

What is the group of four musical performers called?

A Quartet.

What do you call a musical composition for two performers?

A duet.

What is a photo call?

I've not heard of the phrase 'photo call' used in the sense of actual telephones but a 'photo call' in the entertainment industry refers to a request for a group of theatrical performers to come in to be photographed for promotional and media relations reasons.

What do you call a pack of actors?

On a theatre stage it is a company of actors and actresses.In television it is a cast.A group of actors (street performers) that travel between performances, it is a troop.

What is a group of 4 performers who perform together called?

a quartet

What is a group of 4 performers who peform together called?


What is a musical form that contrasts a soloist or small group of performers with a larger group?

concerto grosso

What actors and actresses appeared in Fillmore - 1972?

The cast of Fillmore - 1972 includes: Jefferson Airplane as Themselves Marty Balin as Performers Elvin Bishop as Themselves Mike Bloomfield as himself Ed Bogas as Performers Mike Carabello as Performers Jack Casady as Performers John Cipollina as Performers Bill Douglass as Performers Spencer Dryden as Performers Larry Fields as Performers David Freiberg as Performers Jerry Garcia as Performers Keith Godchaux as Performers Bill Graham as Bill Graham The Grateful Dead as Themselves Michael Holman as Performers Paul Kantner as Performers Jorma Kaukonen as Performers Bill Kreutzmann as Performers David LaFlamme as Performers Kip Maercklein as Performers (as The Elvin Bishop Group) Barbara Mauritz as Performers Ron McKernan as Performers Quicksilver Messenger Service as Performers The New Riders of the Purple Sage as Themselves Lorin Rowan as Performers Chris Rowan as Performers The Rowan Brothers as Themselves Carlos Santana as Performers Patricia Santos as Performers Boz Scaggs as Performer Rick Shlosser as Performers Michael Shrieve as Performers Grace Slick as Performers Hot Tuna as Themselves Bob Weir as Performers

What do you call a piece of music for two performers?

That's called a duet.

Who are the oriental female drum performers on a TV car commercial?

The group is taikoproject.

Can any group of traveling performers form a troupe?

Yes, with law allowance.

What is another word for group of performer?

A group of performers can be called a cast or a troupe. Troupe is used especially for traveling groups.

How do you call on stage the performer?

There is typically an emcee who is the host and announces the performers on stage.

What is a Word for a group of talented people?

Words include a "troupe" (performers) or an "ensemble" (cast).

What is the difference between troupe and troop?

Troup is a group of performers and troop is a band of soldiers

Which show performers in the US perform crazy stunts?

There are a wide variety of performers in the United States who perform dangerous, acrobatic stunts. Cirque Du Soleil, for example, is perhaps the best known group of performers who regularly demonstrate this ability in the U.S.

What do you call A group of dancers?

What do you call a group of Dancers?

What is the collective noun of performers?

The collective noun for performers is a troupe of performers or a band of performers.