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A make of shoes is known as a "cobbler."

On the lighter side...



This is all cobblers the answer is Jimmy Choo.

A maker of shoes is a cordwainer. A fixer of shoes is a cobbler.

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Q: What do you call a maker of shoes?
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What do you call someone who makes shoes for people?

tattii maker

What do you call a human shoe maker?

A person who mends or makes shoes is a cobbler

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Maker or manufacturer.

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The maker of them.

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a maker of shoes

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a ship maker.

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why do they call women shoes pumps?

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A shoe maker

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A candle maker is called a chandler.

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Is the Fred Barnes shoes maker in the 1970's still in business?


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a cobbler was a shoe maker. they made shoes in colonial times.

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they r a type of shoes and some people also call it special shoes.

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You call them a Farrier.

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