What do you call a person that predicts the future?

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Can Astrology predict the future?

According to astrologers, the future can be predicted by astrology.But as with all things good, there is a catch here too. Althoughastrologers claim to be able to predict the future, and there hasbeen plenty of evidence over the years to support their claims,they are very clear to point that astrolo ( Full Answer )

What are the predictions for the future telephone?

Answer 1 Although there could be very many predictions, one I was told about [by someone in the industry who should know] is that someday, probably a long way off, that ALL phones will be wireless [no wires or fibre optics strung on poles] and may even be totally based on satellite technology.

Can dreams predict the future?

Yes. They do for me all the time. Whether it's something big like dreaming your pregnant, or something small like dreaming you'll be late for work, dreams can predict the future. If the predictions are really clear you could also be psychic. And yes people can be psychic. . In the same way that the ( Full Answer )

How do you predict the future?

If we knew the answer to this question, we`d all be rich. I knew someone would write this :) so it can be done ! I predicted this by analysing what I know about human nature and passed experience of people discussing this topic. This was the most common thing said during that discussion so qu ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to predict the future?

It depends on what you believe in; Some people say deja-vu is a type of prediction Sometimes people say it's in dreams Some people say it's only certain who can "connect" to seeing the future Some people think it's just gibberish

What is predicted for people to wear in the future?

Predicting clothing of the future is not easy for anyone and it ismore of a guess than anything. Designers have a vision of whatclothing will be like for the next year and design clothing withthis in mind. Clothing basics such as pants and t-shirts have beenin style for years and will more than like ( Full Answer )

How can you predict the future?

you cannot predict the future unless you are God and it is humanly un-logical to be able to do so :( as much as we wish we could do that we can't. Answer If you can manipulate time and cosmic energy then you can tell the future. Some belief systems claim that their spiritual masters were very pr ( Full Answer )

In pagan religion what is the name for a person who can predict future events?

In the ancient Greek religion, an oracle was generally a holy site at which a priest could ask the gods about the future. The most famous oracle was the Oracle at Delphi, where the god Apollo answered questions about the future. It is also common usage to talk about a person as an oracle. Other paga ( Full Answer )

What do you call a person who can see into the future?

A mantra. :) search: how can you persuade someone to buy you a padded bra and that will also tell you a bit more on future reading and palmists. (A palmist is someone who reads your palm, well obviously :))

What are the predictions for the future?

The future predictions on global warming is depending on our way oflife now to better the outcome. The more we do to lessen theimpact, the better off the future will be.

What is an ancient method of predicting the future?

Astrology - reading the stars. Palmistry - reading the lines, plains, mounds and shape of the hand. Card reading (including but not limited to Tarot) reading the placement and co-relation of cards in a specific spread. Crystal ball gazing - reading the signs and symbols revealed within a cryst ( Full Answer )

Do stars predict your future?

No, stars cannot predict your future. neither can the horrorscopes in magazines.. Those are just random guesses. No one truly know's your future, because everything changes. I hope this has answered your question wel,. from pretty-zebra.. xxxxxxxxxx

Can witchcraft predict the future?

Witchcraft is a spiritual pathway... some might call it a religion. Some, though not all, practitioners of witchcraft do in fact use various ways to read the future.

Are there any predicted dictators in the future?

Given that there has not been so much as a year in mankind's history in which there weren't some dictators somewhere - and usually many everywhere - that would be a rather safe prediction, wouldn't it? So you may assume two things. Yes, some have no doubt "predicted" dictators. And yes, that's as m ( Full Answer )

Did george orwell predict the future?

In a way, George Orwell has predicted the future. In his book, Animal Farm, he predicts that the United States and United Kingdom (represented by Mr. Pilkington) would be in a disagreement and probably fight. When the two spades hit the table at the same time, the two sides began to argue. This was ( Full Answer )

What does the Bible predict about the future?

The Bible writings on that were for the people who are intodivination. Deuteronomy 18:10b-12a "anyone who practices divination or tellsfortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or amedium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, 12 forwhoever does these things is an abominati ( Full Answer )

How can you use Excel to predict the future?

It has functions like Forecast and Trend, to enable you to predictwhat will happen based on past figures. So you could show how youexpect your sales to grow in the future, for example. You can usetrendlines on charts to help indicate this too. A big use for Excelis to plan ahead for a business, so u ( Full Answer )

What are people called who predict the future?

There are different names for individuals who predict the future,what they are called depends on the context in which they receivedtheir revelation. Here are some of the names in which these peopleare known. Prophet - A prophet is an individual who receives his ability topredict the future through a ( Full Answer )

Why do people want to predict the future?

On reason we would all want to predict the future is that by beingforewarned we can do something we otherwise would not have done,and thereby avoid harm or achieve good fortune. Of course the veryfact that we would do anything differently means that no one canpredict the future.

What are the predictions about the Tasmanian devil's future?

The Tasmanian devil seems to have a rather bleak future. Since 1996, it has been threatened by a fatal cancer known as the "Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD)", and for which neither cause nor cure has yet been found. As the disease spreads, it seems the only way to preserve the Tasmanian Devil is t ( Full Answer )

How can geographer predict the future?

A geographer can actually "Predict" everything's future. However, a geographer can take up information about a certain thing or place, and predict what it will be like within a certain amount of time. I hope this helps you. :)

What is prediction of weather in the future?

350 parts per million carbon dioxide may be a sustainable level in our atmosphere. We are currently at 387 parts per million CO2, which is higher than it has been for about a million years. CO2 is a greenhouse gas which traps heat. Once earth's temperature rises another degree it will be warm eno ( Full Answer )

What do you call a person who has visions of the future?

There is no name for the person, but they are called premonitions. Some people have them, visions of future events. I have had around 5 myself. All of mine were nothing important. But you never know....

How do scientist predict future earthquakes?

Its a science that is being worked on. Once an earthquake hashappened, then regional centers can predict if there are likely tobe more or not, but its not a perfect science. How they do whatthey do is they have remote sensors that they deploy to regionswhere there are known faults. Those who live in ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to predict ones future?

If it is it does not seem to be a talent that can be counted on too often because no one would make the wrong decisions anymore if they could. I predict I will see the sun rise and set, I will get older and eventually die.

Can animals predict the future?

No, but some have an advanced electromagnetic sense (used in birds for navigation for example) which can be used to sense changes in the earth around them. Examples of this include volcanoes, thunder storms. A highly developed sense of smell can queue animals into changes in human (and other anim ( Full Answer )

What did the Aztecs use to predict the future?

Their priests looked at the sky and made calendars. From the use of those calendars they were able to "predict" the future. They even had some ceremonies in which somebody was sacrificed so the gods would send a message to a priest about a future event. They also believed in many omens, before the f ( Full Answer )

What predicts what is the future weather?

It will be the same weather becuz its like when ur little u still have the same seasons and the same weather like its still going to be like cool,warm,hot,snowing,super hot,super cool,and just right.And i hope this solves ur question. ps keep asking lot and lots of question so u can become a smart ( Full Answer )

What are the predictions for future telephones?

One prediction is the Videophone, which was demonstrated at Epcot, yet never caught on. Now that webcams are inexpensive and can be interfaced with a flat screen TV, we may see this come to fruition in our lifetimes! One prediction that has come true is the Dick Tracy wristwatch phone. This comes ( Full Answer )

What do you call a person that predicts an earthquake?

You would call that person lucky. The scientists who study earthquakes are known as seismologists and they say that it is currently not possible to predict when an earthquake will occur. Technically nobody as earthquake prediction is currently impossible however seismologists will produce seismo ( Full Answer )

Why can some people predict the future?

It's hard to say. It just comes to you and you notice it the next day or so. In December 15th of 1960 I had a dream that I was rising to Heaven and I saw what appeared to be the figure of Jesus Christ blessing the U.S. I could the U.S. completely (like seen on Google Earth). All of a sudden I saw tw ( Full Answer )

How does The Bible predict the future?

The Bible is the Divinely-revealed message of God to His creation,man. It's the "Product Owner's Manual" that tells man what he is,why he is, when he came into existence... and HIS POTENTIAL FOR THEFUTURE. The Bible "predicts" this future because the future is where God'splan is leading. When we t ( Full Answer )

Who can predict the future for people?

No-one really, and why should we ask? Can't we live a day without knowing? Just chill, relax and realize that you don't need to know, you don't even need to care. Take a breather and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise, curiosity will be the death of us yet, and that would be our future. M ( Full Answer )

How can a telephone predict the future?

A telephone call can appear to predict the future by being used to call someone to alert them of something that hasn't reached them yet. For example, after an undersea earthquake someone quickly aware of it could could call and warn people on shore of a coming tsunami. To the people on shore this wo ( Full Answer )

Which saint predicted Buddha's future?

I know of no saint who predicted Buddha's birth, but the hermit and holy man Asita predicted to Buddha father, King Suddhodana, that his son would be either a great ruler of men or a great holy man.