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Cattle producer.

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Q: What do you call a person who breeds cows?
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What do you call a person who keeps cows for milk?

A dairy farmer.

Do cows produce dairy products?

Specific breeds of cattle known collectively as dairy cows are bred to produce large amounts of milk as opposed to beef breeds that are bred for more size and subsequently muscle. There are also dual-purpose breeds that produce moderate amounts of milk and are more common as family cows. Holsteins, Jersey, milking Devon are common breeds of dairy cows.

What kind of female cows have horns?

This is an ambiguous question because there are over 900 breeds of cattle in the world, and there are a few breeds where all cows (AND bulls) are horned, but all others have cows that are horned. There really is no "kind" or "type" of cow that has horns.

Do cows in other countries moo in foreign languages?

No, cows don't vary by language. They vary by breeds.

Can dog breeds be mixed with cows?

No. and anyway how? they are diffrent spcies. :/ no

What are the 5 most breeds of dairy cows in the US?

They are the following:HolsteinBrown SwissJerseyAyrshireGuernsey

What type of cows make the large white?

Those cows that are large and white include such breeds as Chianina, Marchigiana, and Charolais.

How many diffrent cows are there?

There are over 900 to 1000 breeds of cattle in the world.

What do the Australians call cows?

Australian's terms for cows and cattle are pretty much the same as what North Americans and British call them: cows.

How do you use breeds in a sentence?

There are many breeds of dogs.A German Shepherd & A Cocker Spaniel being two different breeds.

What are the type of cowshed?

There are many kinds of cowsheds for all different kinds of cows. There are sheds for milking cows, for calves to drink milk, for pregnant cows, for quarantined cows, for multiple breeds to live together, for abandoned cows, for male cows, and much more.

What are the two breeds of milking cows?

The six dairy breeds in the US are the Milking Shorthorn, Brown Swiss, Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, and Ayrshire.