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What do you call a person with lots of hobbies?


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September 01, 2014 3:12PM

A person with many interests and with resulting depth of knowledge in a wide variety of subjects is called a 'polymath'.

The term 'hobby' simply describes something you do for pleasure on a regular basis when you aren't working at your normal job: something you enjoy doing but aren't being paid to do.

Inevitably, a hobbyist learns a great deal about their hobby or hobbies in the process of devoting time to them. A hobby might involve anything from studying ancient Greek (provided you don't work professionally with that language and culture) to keeping pet mice (provided you don't breed mice for a living). If in your spare time you study ancient Greek, keep mice, compose crossword puzzles, and compete in triathalons, along the way necessarily learning a lot about all these things, then you are a polymath.