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A little hoarse/horse.

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What do you call a pony that doesn't whinny?

um...not whinny... clawz

What do you call a pony that does't whinny?

A little Hoarse . :D get it ? xD

How does a pony sound?


What is sound made by a pony called?

The most common noise a pony makes is a "neigh" or a "whinny" sound.

What is the name of a sound the pony makes?

Whinny. (A higher pitched neigh)

What do you call a horse that doesn't whinny?

A little hoarse.

What is a synonym for bray?

neigh, whinny, cry, call, sound

What is it called when a horse gently calls out?

Its called a nicker. A slightly louder call is a whinny.

Do snakes have a whinny?

No. Whinny is the noise that horses make, not snakes.

What is zerba sound called?

There are many different noises a horse can make. I am pretty sure a zebra's call is a 'whinny' (pronounced = win-e). Horses can neigh, whinny, snort and many more.

What do you call a pony with a sore throat?

a little hoarse

What animals make a whinny sound?

A horse makes a whinny sound.

What you call for horse sound?

Horse sounds include: - Whinny - Nicker - Blow - Roar - Scream - Grunt

How do you use the word whinny in a sentence?

I love it when the horse tries to whinny in my ear!

What animal MAKES whinny noise?

A horse says 'whinny' . It's like a gentle neigh.

What does Sodapop call Ponyboy?


What do you call a pony that surfs?


What do you call the baby of a pony?

A foal.

What do you call the sun of a horse?


What is a horses cry called?

A neigh if it a loud full call that sounds like the horse is saying: neeeeeeiiiighhh!, a whinny if it a high pitched call that sounds like the horse is saying: whinnnnnny! and a nicker if it is a low repeated sound that sounds like the horse is laughing. The nicker is quieter than a whinny/neigh

What do you call small horses?

miniature or pony Another Answer definitrly a miniature horse or a pony

What did Darry call Pony that he only calls Soda?

he called pony little buddie

How do you stop your pony from dancing?

it depends what dancing your pony is doing. your pony may be in pain or doing it for pleasure. i'd call out the vet. if your pony is doing it for pleasure, there is nothing wrong with that. but if she doing it and she looks in pain, call the vet, it could be serious,

Why doesnt darry call the police when pony gets home late?

he doesn't call the police because then the two of them ( as in sodapop and Pony boy who are both younger then 18) would get put in a boys home. They would think that darry couldn't deal with the responsibility of having two kids at home and would take themm away.

Why do people call a pony tail a ponytail?

Looks like the tail of a well-groomed pony.