What do you call a son of a saint?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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There is no special term for son of a saint.

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Q: What do you call a son of a saint?
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What was the name of Saint Augustine's son?

The name of Augustine's son was Adeotadus.

Who is the patron saint to dream of a deceased son?

There is no patron saint for dreaming about a deceased son.

When was Call for the Saint created?

Call for the Saint was created in 1948.

What was the name of Saint Margaret's son who became a saint?

Saint Margaret of Scotland had two daughters and six sons. The youngest son, David, was later named a saint as well.

Was Saint Patrick the son of an aristocratic landowner?

Saint Patrick was the son of a Catholic deacon and Roman government official.

Do the people of Saint Lucia call themselves nigerians?

No. The people of Saint Lucia call themselves Saint Lucians.

What is a place with the same name as the son of Saint Monica?

Saint Augustine, Florida.

Is Mary a saint in California?

She is a Saint for ALL Christians who worship her Divine Son.

What saint prayed 40 years for her son to convert?

Saint Monica prayed for over 20 years for her son, Saint Augustine, to convert to Christianity. She is known for her unwavering faith and dedication to her son's spiritual well-being. Augustine eventually converted and went on to become a great theologian and saint himself.

Who was the son of Saint Augustine of Hippo?

The son of Saint Augustine of Hippo was named Adeodatus. Augustine had Adeodatus with a woman before he converted to Christianity. Adeodatus is mentioned in Augustine's writings and was influential in his father's spiritual journey.

How will your son call your brother?

Your son will be a nephew to your brother, and will call him "Uncle".

What do I call to my sons' s son?

You do you call your sons's son your "grandson" !