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Q: What do you call a state militia today?
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Do militia exist in the US today?

Ye every state has two

How do you call volunteer soldiers who serve their state?

State Militia, or National Guard. Some states also have a State Guard.

Who is commander-in-chief of the state militia?

The commander in chief of the state militia at least where im from is the Governor.

How do you write a sentence using militia?

It's almost time to call in the militia!

Is the Illinois militia the same as the Illinois National Guard?

No. The Illinois Militia is a private organization. The ING is a state militia, but is in no way associated with the "Illinois Militia."

What did they call a volunteer army?

Militia or Volunteers.

Does the state militia negotiate the provisions of the federal government true or false?

The state militia negociates the provisions of the federal goverment?

Who heads the state militia?

The state governor

Does America have an official militia today?

Possibly the National Guard could be said to fulfill the militia function.

Can the governor control the state militia in war time?

Which state militia? The Militia Act of 1903 defined two types of militia - the Organised Militia, and the Unorganised Militia. The Organised Militia was defined, essentially, as the National Guard. In wartime, federal control trumps state control of these troops, and state governors have no ability anymore to refuse deployment of their National Guard personnel. Some states have their own state militias, as well, known as State Guards, State Defence Forces, etc. It's generally assumed that these cannot be federalised, although something of a grey area exists here insofar as implementation of the Insurrection Act goes. Additionally, membership in one of these units does not exempt persons in them from being drafted into the federal military.

Who controls the state police and state militia?

the governor

Where in the constitution is the power to keep a militia?

Article 1, Section 8 gives Congress the power to call forth the militia and to provide for arming, organizing and disciplining the militia. It does not specifically refer to Congress "keeping" the militia as it keeps a standing army.

What civilian volunteer militia of Massachusetts call?


What branch of government can call forth the militia?


What is the difference between a militia and an army?

Militia are state reserve forces. Regular Army are active duty soldiers.

Who controls the state police and militia?

the governor

Does the governor command the state militia?


What do you call a group of civilians trained to fight in the military?

A militia

What do you call an individuals member of the militia?

A military confinement officer.

Who is the commander in chief of the state militia?

The Governor is commander-in-chief of the organized militia, except when they are in the service of the United States.

What is another name for a state's militia?

The National Gaurd

Who is the commander and chief of the state militia?

Amber Lindberg

For security each state has a right to form a?


What was another name for the National Guard?

State Militia.

What is the national guard system an organization of?

State militia.