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Trance is a state of hypnosis.

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Q: What do you call a state of hypnosis?
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Is hypnosis a state of consciousness?

Hypnosis is an 'altered state of consciousness' (ASC) that is qualitatively different from normal waking consciousness.

What is hypnotized?

Someone who are in the state of hypnosis.

How do you use the word hypnosis in a sentence?

Hypnosis is a way to alter the mental state of a person. Some magicians use hypnosis, real or pretended, as part of their acts.

Hypnosis involves a state of what?

heightened openness to suggestion

Hypnosis involves a state of?

heightened openness to suggestion

What leads to trancelike state in which you are susceptible to suggestion?


Is hypnosis possible?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation where attention is directed in a way controlled by the hypnotist and the hypnotee. There is a heightened degree of suggestibility while under hypnosis, but nobody would do anything under hypnosis that he or she wouldn't do under any other circumstance.

Which animal use hypnosis?

Cuttlefish use "hypnosis" by displaying flashy colors on their skin, putting their prey in a trance-like state.

Is hypnosis demonic?

No, hypnosis is simply a state of extreme relaxation where a person is more open to suggestion. When a person is under hypnosis they will not do anything they would find morally objectionable under normal circumstances.

During a state of hypnosis the hypnotized person's EEG?

is identical to that of a person in a relaxed, awake state.

What are three explanations of hypnosis?

1.) Hypnosis is an elaborate form of socially conditioned role play - people become hypnotized because that is their expectation when certain circumstances pertain. 2.) Hypnosis is the deliberate activation of the REM state in an otherwise conscious person. 3.) Hypnosis is a dissociative mental state induced by intense concentration and physical relaxation.

Does someone who gets hypnotized remember what they did while under hypnosis?

Yes, many clients remember everything that occurs in hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is like sleeping deliberately to arrive at your most elevated state of mind. Hypnosis Clinic in Port Elgin Weight Loss in Port Elgin Hypnosis Centre in Port Elgin Stop Smoking in Port Elgin Stress Management in Port Elgin

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