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The primary colors are blue, yellow and red. If you were to mix them it would probably give you black.

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Q: What do you call all 3 primary colors mixed?
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What consists of all of the primary colors mixed together?

All of the primary colors mixed together would create brown.

What happens when the primary colors of pigments are mixed in equal amounts?

all of the primary colors of pigment mixed together is black, or a very dark grey.

Are black and white primary colors?

NO!!!!! All the primary colors mixed together make black and white. Black and white are in no way primary colors.

Why are the primary colors unique?

the colors are unique because they can make all the other colors when they are mixed together

When two primary colors are mixed in equal amounts what they make?

First of all, the primary colors are namely, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and etc. when mixed in equal amounts, they result in different colors, and it would only depend on what primary colors you would mix.

What are the 3 primary colors that all colors are mixed from?

The three primary colors are Red, Blue, and Green.You can remember them easily when you remember Roy G Biv. The capitalized letters are the three Primary Colors.

What color do you get if all 3 primary colors are mixed together?

A brown- yucky color.

What are all 6 primary colors?

Six? There are only three primary colors. They are red, yellow and blue. All other colors can be mixed from these three pigments. Even though there may be "primary" colors for other applications, such as printing on a computer with cyan, magenta and yellow, those colors are all derived from the basic red, yellow and blue.

What are three primary light colors of white light?

Red, Blue and Green are the three primary colors of our white light.Above mentioned colors can be mixed differently to get shades of all the colors in visible spectrum.White light is seen all the incident light is reflected from the source.

When combined in equal amounts what do the three primary colors of light amounts?

White color is produced when all three primary colors are mixed in equal amount. White color is seen when the three primary colors are reflected equally towards our eyes.

What color is created when all primary colors are mixed?

any colour you want because primary colours make every colour you can think of

What colors mixed will get gray?

Mixing all three of the primary color pigments in equal measure, results in grey.