What do you call an older woman who dates a younger man?

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I think it's called a cougar
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Is it true that an older man will become more energetic by marrying a younger woman and vice versa?

\n Answer \n. \nThe marriage is not the source of the energy. The energy comes from the individuals. An older person could be energetic enough to marry a younger person.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nNo...I`m an energetic older woman and married a much younger man who then became lethargic. I ( Full Answer )

Is it common for a woman whose ex-boyfriend was 15 years older to dump him and find a man who is 3 years younger than her and decide older men are controlling?

Answer . It is not necessarily the case that older men are more controlling than younger men. You will delude yourself if you think that the only controlling men are the young ones. So, don't use age as a gauge for whether or not men are controlling. If you've been with a controlling man, you wil ( Full Answer )

Can an older woman marry a younger man in the Nayyar caste of Kerala?

yes why not myCusine brother married a woman who is elder than him for 8 years that is he 30 and she is 38they are living very happly and we have a very good and satisfied sex life also i am sure that it is better to marry a woman who is elder than man is better. because she loves me too much she ca ( Full Answer )

Older woman younger man?

Not as accepted in our society as old man+young woman but there's nothing wrong with it.

Is it possible for man who has been attracted to an older woman for years ever be attracted to a woman who is younger than him?

Answer . Of course it's possible. This is dependent upon several things, including: 1. The reasons that attract this man to women in the first place; 2. How successful or unsuccessful his relationships have been in the past; 3. What he's currently looking for in a relationship. Sometim ( Full Answer )

If an older man wants to date a younger woman will he assume her body is going to be without flaws?

He might. There is no accounting for idiots. Any reasonable older man knows that he will never find a flawless body in a woman of any age, and certainly he can not offer a flawless body in exchange. Be aware also that dating is about a relationship of the head and heart as well as the body - i ( Full Answer )

Can a woman call a man for a date?

You can Totally ask a guy out! it shows courage, and that is one of the qualities a guy looks for! go for it. you will not regret it.

Is it normal for a much younger woman to marry a much older man?

In most cases, yes. A lot of times a younger woman likes to have a more mature man in her life, someone not looking to party or worried about going fast and is more interested in how secure his family and future will be. Also, older men tend to know themselves and what a woman likes; experience DOES ( Full Answer )

Does a relationship between an older woman and a younger man last?

Do Relationships Last Between Older Women and Younger Men? . It depends on the age difference (if the person is in their mid teens) and if both individuals are mature enough. My aunt was 15 years older than her husband and married for 48 years until his death. There are many people with a large a ( Full Answer )

Who is most likely to stay together a younger man and an older woman or a older man and a younger woman?

I think that a younger man and older woman will make a more successful relationship, for the long term; he has to be mature though, so some common sense must take place. Like: he obviously can't be too young (ie. teenager-ish). I am finding that men in their mid to late twenties can be mature enough ( Full Answer )

What do you call a woman who dates a younger man?

The term "cougar" is sometimes used. But there really is no requirement that two people who date have to be the same age. It is important for people to genuinely like eachother, which can happen despite an age difference.

Can an older man get a woman pregnant?

yes...my husband was 38 when we conceived our first child and we are now trying again and he is 40...and his friend who is well into his 50's just had a lil boy last October!

Do younger guys like older woman?

yes, i myself are looking for an older woman at the moment. but older women dont really go for us young guys......this is not true...a woman approaching her mid 30s will almost definitely be attracted to a man in his early 20s if he shows her the right kind of attention(which varies)....she's not ol ( Full Answer )

Can a woman date a man 15 years younger than she is?

There is no law to prevent it. And she should make sure that they are over the age of consent. Answer I think if they are both on close level of maturity, values, compatibility, and love is present, it does not matter especially once they are both over 35 yrs old. If enough love and common inter ( Full Answer )

Why is an older woman who dates younger men called a cougar?

It's a slang term for a woman 'hunting for younger men ... cat woman stalking her prey', but there is nothing wrong with an older woman dating a younger man as long as he's not a minor. If it's alright for older men to marry young women in their 20's then it's just as right for women. For those who ( Full Answer )

Why older woman like younger man?

Because they've had the old bull. NOW THEY WANT THE YOUNG CALF! And because it's been scientifically proven your dick shrinks 3 inches every year past 40. Look it up. Seriously...look it up. There's pictures.

Should an older man date a younger girl?

I think that it truly doesn't matter. If you really like this person then sure go ahead. It is your choice and no one can tell you any different.

What does an Older man calling older woman cute mean?

it simply means he is tired of his wife and he wants some younger loving. he is also trying to say that he wants someone beautiful, that is why he is calling a younger woman cute. HOPE THIS HELPS.

What is it called when younger women date older men?

It is not classified as anything because everybody has their own thoughts on the age limit they set for themselves. I am dating a 39 year old man and in turning 19 in June and our families and friends as well as the community have accepted our relationship and think we make a great couple.

Younger man might like an older woman?

Yeah that happens. We all know Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and other Hollywood celebrities that may also happen in ordinary people. Likewise to the girls some of them of them like older men because they are mature and a lot of experience.

Can marriage work between an older woman and a younger man with an age gap of 14 years?

I don't believe that the age is the issue. It's a matter of maturity. I am a woman of 45 and my husband is 12 years my junior. My husband is mature in many areas, especially in areas of business and being a responsible husband and father, however, we conflict in areas of him understanding me as a wi ( Full Answer )

Can a older Christian man date a younger Muslim woman?

There are two issues here: the age difference and the different religions. If you would not see a problem with the older Christian man dating a young Christian woman of the same age, then the age difference should not be a problem. Some Muslim communities frown on young people dating at all, even ( Full Answer )

What do you call a younger man dating an older woman?

'Cougar' is the common slang term used for an older woman who datesa younger man. The man in the relationship can sometimes bereferred to as the 'cub' but the term is not quite as prevalent.

What does the bible say about a woman dating a younger man?

if the man is not much younger than i think it is all right. The Bible doesn't say anything about that kind of relationship but if you are a Christian and you pray about the relationship God will give you an answer.

Is it easier to get pregnant if a man is younger and woman is older?

Hello, according to medical studies and young male can get pregnanta older female more eassier than a male of the same age of thefemale. studies revealed that a female of 41 years old was eassilypregnant by a 25 years old male, a 35 years old female got pregnantby a 21 years old male, a 44 years old ( Full Answer )

How can an older man attract younger gal?

By dressing nice, making eye contact and listening to her when she speaks. Be a gentleman. I'm currently dating a girl who is 20 years younger than me. I held the door for her the first she got into my car (I always do), and she smiled radiantly and told me that no one had ever opened a door for ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with an older man dating a much younger woman?

The wrong thing here is that, the man is too old for girl. as a young girl, she has to go through such as education, before getting married, the old man can be girls' father, so why should the man go in for young girl instead of marrying an old woman. This girl can go in for a man who would be ready ( Full Answer )

What do you call an older man dating younger women?

A cougar someone who likes dating a younger woman Answer It's not called anything. Why do people find it important or necessary to attach names or labels to people dating or in a relationship. Unless it's an adult going after CHILDREN (pedofiles) it doesn't matter! Who cares! There are PLENTY of c ( Full Answer )

What are the cons of an older woman younger man relationship?

The cons of an older woman younger man relationship are very much subjective and about the tastes of the individual. Generally she will age faster meaning they might have less in common and he will be more likely to be drawn to younger women later.

Can a younger man love an older women?

Absolutely! Olderwomen can be just as sexy and sensual as the younger ones. Infact alot of times more. Because the know what they want and like,. Who wants to train someone ? Knowing what you like is different.than being dominant